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Friday, July 01, 2005

the learning curve

I returned the “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” book last night to Barnes & Noble.
“I never opened it,” I told the cashier. He gave me a gift card for the $24.00 and I was back at the counter a few moments later using my gift card on “The Pregnancy Book” by Dr. Sears. The cashier raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything.
I tried reading the book a little last night but got frustrated. My sister-in-law recommended it over “What to Expect When You are Expecting,” so I bought it. It may take me some time to get into it.
I am a liner reader. I need a book that reads something like instructions: WEEK 2 – what to eat, how to feel, what not to touch, inhale, do/do not life heavy things, the baby is the size of a raisin. This book will require more time and reading than flipping to one given page and reading a quick list or paragraph.
I’ll work on it. I need to be the supportive partner in this, but mostly, I need this information to be able to tell Lois to stop trying to lift heavy things, stop using a gallon of bleach a week to clean, etc.
I am a little confused about some of the things that I have read here and there. On babyzone.com, everything is broken down in weeks, which is good for my attention span. But, I have a problem with their counting system.
It counts the age of the pregnancy from the last period. Apparently, the reason is that every woman has a different cycle so counting from the LMP (last menstrual period for those who are having trouble following) and adding 40 weeks to determine the due date.
On the website, since Lois’ LMP is May 23, she is almost in Week 6.
In my mind, she cannot be in Week 6 because we did not inseminate until June 7th. That was only 3+ weeks ago.
You cannot be pregnant 2 weeks before you are pregnant. That’s my rationale anyway.
But I will follow along. She’s at Week 6. There, I said it.
The Dr. Sears book looks at the actual age. We are in Week 4. I think.
This will probably be a long confusing 9 months.
The OB/GYN visit is July 12th. She’ll help explain this stuff to the little old stubborn me.
Since I wasn’t there for the insemination, I should try to be there for this one.
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