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Sunday, July 10, 2005

nutrition 101

Lois had a "non-symptom" or two this week.
Apparently, she experienced something other than morning sickness or nausea, she had a 'weird moment' where she felt warm and shaky. She has put it in the category of a low blood sugar feeling.
I started in on her about the fact that she needs to eat breakfast now, have more square meals with proteins, fats, natural sugars, etc.
This she shrugged off and seemed to think that maybe having orange juice in the morning would make everything okay.
For the low sugar thing that she is convinced is happening, she nodded slightly when I mentioned fruit.
So far, the only change I have noticed in her food intake in the last few days since these feelings have started is that she now carries a bag of Werther's Originals around with her.
I think we need to rework the nutritional plans for the remainder of the pregnancy.
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