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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

today could be the day!?!?!

Today was the possible day of conception!!!!

I couldn't be there (again!) but Lois still thinks that I am a bad omen for the insemination and we has Aunt Laura go instead.

It started out tenuously when we found out that both docs were out of town today. The midwife of the office offered but it turns out she had never done an IUI before, only watched. From Lois' report, she did fine.

Lois called me from the car after the 'pick up' and told me that she had tens of millions of passengers. I told her she might need some type of license or permit for that.

Laura also called to report that the sample the midwife had on the slide had “billions of healthy swimmers” and some “cute ones too.” Let's hope the cute genes were not all left on the slide.

Afterwards, Aunt Laura called to wish me “good luck, good luck, good luck,” told me she was wishing us big baby thoughts (big thoughts, not a big baby I hope), then mentioned something about spit up and college tuition. Whew....slow down.

She eased my mind when I talked to her later and she told me that I had so many great moments to look forward to with our child that will be conceived today, like when our daughter picks up her first ground ball and throws the runner out on first, or the first time she wears flannel or puts her baseball hat on backwards. ;-) Thanks Aunt Laura.

Now starts the countdown of the 2ww!

Be thinking baby thoughts for us!!!
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Fingers crossed! Robin (the other mother)

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