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Sunday, March 26, 2006

figuring out what's wrong

We had an interesting telephone conversation with our doctor (Dr. P)last night. As we have been going nuts trying to figure out why we can't get pregnant again, she shed a little light on it.
The last insemination she did (end of Jan), she thought the sample was the worst she had seen, but didn't want to tell us then to discourage us. She did the IUI, then called the medical center that had been storing it and lodged a complaint. Dr. P said she knew for a fact it wasn't going to work for us that month.
The last IUI (Feb) we had the less experienced Dr. and Dr. P point blank said that the other doc hadn't done it enough to grade the sample.
So, now Dr. P wants to personally see the next sample and go directly to Xytex if she thinks it is not a good sample. She also highly recommended California Cryobank.
So, here's the plan:
We still have no sign of ovulation (?!?!) but hope it will be tomorrow. If it is not a great sample, we will do the IUI anyway and ask if we should do it 2x this month and/or just start looking for another donor.
She is already determined to work with us and deal with Xytex if needed regarding complaints, credit, etc.
While we are a little discouraged that this has probably been the main reason we are not pregnant yet, it is a relief to know that it's not anything we are doing wrong or that something is mechanically wrong with Lois' plumbing ;-)
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