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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

another hurdle

We've made it to 32 weeks!

This is one of those major brian and lung development hurdles. We obviously want him to hang in there longer, but we can let out a little sigh of relief.

As for the pregnant mommy, she is doing a fabulous job! As hard is it might be for her to watch me do the Christmas shopping, cookie baking, vacuuming/cooking/cleaning(or lack thereof), she's been quite the good sport.

And, all of a sudden, she looks very pregnant. She hasn't shown much the entire pregnancy, then overnight on Sunday, something happened.

I caught a picture of her on one of her rare standing moments, on her way back from the potty. She will not be happy that I'm sharing the pic because she didn't make herself up or anything.

I think she looks great.

Keep up the great work Lo!
posted by Holly at 8:47 AM


Congratulations on making it to 32 weeks!!!! I'm glad things are going so well. :) And Lois does look great!

9:00 AM  

Yea! That is huge. Keep up the good work we love you!

9:34 AM  

Fantastic! You are doing great, and Lois looks awesome.

1:35 PM  

Looking good! Way to go 32 weeks!

3:28 PM  

Isn't it wild when the POP happens. It does seem like it's overnight. Looking good!

7:23 PM  

Congratulations on 32 weeks, we're so happy for you! Every day is a major test of will for you two right now, I'm sure. How's kiddo's activity level? Enjoying the new space?

7:46 PM  

Congrats on a major milestone! Glad things are going well.

9:12 AM  

Fantastic news! We're all out here cheering you guys on. Lois looks beautiful.

11:55 AM  

WOW! She looks so beautiful! congrats on 32 weeks

8:15 PM  

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