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Sunday, December 17, 2006

a little doppler activity

swish, woosh, woosh, swish, BANG, swish, woosh, woosh, swish, BANG

movement, heartbeat, heartbeat, hiccup, movement, heartbeat, heartbeat, hiccup

A friend of ours lent us a "professional" grade doppler. It is so cool!

He is now averaging the hiccups 4-5 times a day and Lois finds it hysterical to use the doppler. You hear the woosh, woosh, woosh of the heartbeat in the background, then loud bangs when he kicks at the doppler or has the hiccups. Then, he proceeds to reposition himself which sounds a little like a swish then a foosh.

Lois went into the doctor on Friday since she had been sick. The doc wanted to make sure the baby was not 'in distress.' After about 10 seconds into the ultrasound, she said "oh, yeah, he's fine. He's a little active, isn't he? I guess he has no idea how much stress he is causing you!"

Yes, he has no idea. He's just in there bouncing around all day long, having the hiccups all the time, hanging out just on top of the cervix, happy as a little clam.
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Aren't dopplers just the coolest things?!? We're so glad your little guy seems to be hanging out and "happy as a little clam"!

8:04 PM  

That's great that you can check in on the boy. :)

Riley is getting the hiccups daily too. They are funny.

9:52 AM  

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