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Thursday, December 14, 2006


I feel so bad for Lois, not only for the bed rest, but because she seems so uncomfortable all the time now.

She hasn’t gotten too big and we think it’s because he’s already head down. The part of him that’s in her belly area is really just arms, legs and ass, I guess.

It’s not so much his motions that are making her uncomfortable, although he does get his foot under her ribcage an awful lot and seems to want to turn from side to side several times a day. It’s that he body is tired of lying down.

She can’t take being on her back anymore. The right side will work for a little while, then gets really uncomfortable. Then the left side gets really irritating.

Plus, she’s got a pregnancy pillow, regular pillows, blankets and one of those gigantic wedge cushions from a physical therapist friend.

When Lois needs to switch positions, it’s sort of an event.

There’s got to be something I can do to make her more comfortable!
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Ooooh...can you have a massage therapist come to the home as a little surprise? They have wonderful pregnancy massages.

Crap...not really a surprise if Lois is reading this Blog! LOL.

Sorry about the discomfort. For what it's worth, when she's in labor she won't remember it. Mwuwahahahaha. Gosh I'm fiesty today. Must be the warm weather.

Take care.

10:07 AM  

Holly, I agree, massage her legs and feet! Start at the top of her knee and squeeze and push like you're pushing toothpaste up the tube. Do the same from the ankle up to the knee. It will really help to get the blood moving. Hand in there a little longer!

1:56 PM  

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