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Thursday, March 15, 2007

a day

Mommy Holly is having "a day."

Our anniversary is the 20th (7th anniversary our first date and 3rd anniversary of our illegal New Paltz wedding) and I am taking Lois out for an anniversary surprise tonight.

But based on the location of the surprise and the events of my day so far, we probably won’t be dining together and she will have to come get me which will put her in the worst traffic time and direction (plus the fact that it’s supposed to snow, rain, sleet and whatever tonight).

Ahhhh, the events of my day so far.

1. I had a conversation with another lawyer here and realized how many more hours I need to bill to make any money.

2. I am buried at work (why do I have time to write a blog entry?)

3. Other lawyers who are too busy want me to do their work for them

4. I just looked at my bank account and realized how hard we have been hit since Lois stopped working in November.

5. And the best for last...my Hyundai let me down this morning. I spent 30 minutes in the middle of the road in the rain this morning conversing with a city cop waiting for a tow truck while smoke poured out of the raised hood of my dead car and 90% of the people I work with drove by and asked "are you ok?"

I don’t need this. I can’t afford this. I brought my car into the shop in December to make sure I got things taken care of before my 100,000 mile warranty was up on the car. I hit 100,000 miles last week. Last week.

I kept thinking how this car needs to last me another year. Just another 12 months. It’s been good to me so far. It’s been a great car - $10k brand spanking new, 100k mile warranty, stick shift, tape deck, 4 cylinder engine.

Now the f*%ing piece of garbage fails me less than 7 days after hitting the end of the warranty!?!??!

I know I can’t spend my day fretting about this, but what the H-E-double hockey sticks am I going to do if this is a $500+ problem?


I need to get back to work. I have to bill mad hours.

Tonight will be fun dammit.
posted by Holly at 1:52 PM


Ya you deserve to have fun tonight, so have a blast! Hopefully things will work themselves out, they always do.
Oh and Happy Anniversary

3:34 PM  

Oh that would burn me up too! I have my fingers crossed that the car won't bleed your bank account dry.

Congrats on your anniversary! I hope that you two enjoy yourselves!

4:44 PM  

Man, that is craptastic. I hope the day gets much better! Happy anniversary!!!

6:00 PM  

Well I am sorry.. that just stinks... Go enjoy your Anniversary though!!! Everything will work out for you....

7:52 PM  

I thought just being a lawyer meant that you made tons of $$$
I guess not, I hope you had a fun night.


8:49 PM  

Oh man - that SUCKS!!! I am so so sorry.

Happy Anniversary!

11:59 PM  

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