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Friday, March 02, 2007

manic eater

We are not worried about Andrew’s eating.

He’s been gaining well – he’d better, based on how much he eats.

2/8 (birth) he was 7 lbs 0.5 oz
2/10 he was 6 lbs 5 oz
2/11 he was 6 lbs 9 oz
2/13 he was 6 lbs 14 oz
2/26 he was 7 lbs 14 oz

He is taking to nursing just fine and lets us know when he’s hungry. I mean, REALLY lets us know.

And this kid is ALWAYS hungry.

At first, I was a little cautious. “Gee, Lo, are you sure they’re supposed to eat THAT MUCH!?!?”

But, I was told by my wife and others that the kid is 3 weeks old, when he’s full, he’ll stop.

The other night, Lois fed him for 30 minutes and he was still hungry shortly thereafter. I supplemented with formula that night (some we have only done a little bit at night less than a handful of times) and he drank 2 ounces of formula! Then, he ate again less than an hour later!! What a little piglet!

The pediatrician told Lois the other day to try to go 2 hours between feedings. This, we’ve been doing slowly. An hour and a half, then an hour and 45 minutes. He gets very cranky when he’s hungry.

He gets frantic and manic when he’s hungry. It starts with several attempts to shove his entire fist or as much of his hand as possible into his mouth and suck vigorously. This is usually followed by his incredibly unhappy old man face (I just gotta get a picture of that face) and then he will attempt to suck on his collar or sleeve if it’s within his frenzied searching mouth.

Poor starving child.

We’re working on the scheduling thing. I did give Lois a chart (which I am revising myself) that I found here.

But it seems difficult to keep filling out a damn chart and keep up with the little guy.
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It's ever 2 hours from the start of his feeing though.
So if he latches on at 1 pm, and eats for 45 minutes, you still feed him again at 3 pm, even though to you it feels as though he's hungry 1 hour and 15 min. later.

I think he sounds like a champ.
I love the old man face. It's almost like you start and end in the same place.
Diapered and eating liquids. :)

1:47 PM  

Well that's great! Not fun feeding every 2 seconds, but at least he is eating well! I think little boys are just little pigs. Cam was when he was a baby, and he still is to this day. I don't think he would ever stop eating. When he gets older you might have to limit him, as we did, but for now he is little and growing!

2:43 PM  

He sounds just like Erik, right down to the grumpy old man face, which cracks us up too!

3:07 PM  

When the nurses at the hospital said you time it from when you start feeding, I almost couldn't believe it. So when he feeds for 30-45 minutes, you've really just lost that part of your day. I think Lois feels like she spends her entire day with him on her boob.

5:10 PM  

As someone else has mentioned... the cycle is measured from start of feeding time to start of feeding time. I remember being blown away by this discovery when the girls were little... and eating like every 2 hours, only they weren't on the same schedule. LOL

Anyways... you are doing great. Personally... I'd not even pay attention to the clock, just him and his signs for now. Totally feed on demand and it will all work out. Babies know when they are hungry and when they are full and following their cues will make for happy baby and happy moms.

Also... more/longer nursing will help stimulate the supply.

Soon... soon he will be more efficient at nursing. The nursing time will decrease and the schedule will get longer. Hang in there!

12:55 AM  

Glad he's a voracious eater. It's got to be hard having him feed that often, but hopefully, soon enough, he'll be able to go a little longer between feedings. At least you've got a super healthy baby on your hands!

8:34 PM  

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