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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

blog and templates

I've been goofing around with templates and I'm getting very frustrated.

I really wanted to find a cute baby/kid type template that was unique.
I found a few but they don't seem to line up right when I try to change my template (like I have all of the side column and the body/posts are at the bottom)

I am considering moving to Wordpress, and I already found a template somewhere that's CSS that I like. However, I don't have the attention span or the technological intelligence to "get" Wordpress.

Do I need to use a host? Is it hard to learn how to post on Wordpress? change templates? add pictures?

Any blog savy readers out there who want to help me out??!?!??

I really appreciate any input!
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We've just moved to wordpress and I have to tell you - we LOVE it. I think it's MUCH more user friendly than Blogger and has some really nifty extras, like you can track the comments you leave on other people's blogs, to see what other comments are added.
I don't know it they have any cute baby/kid type skins, and the range in the free section wasn't huge, but we picked one and then changed the banner at the top without too much trouble (well, Jay did - she's the techno one! Sure she'd be happy to talk you through it if you were struggling.)
There's even something which lets you export your entire blog over to Wordpress instantly (Jay posted about it on our blog, with a link, if you want to chase it up).

4:07 AM  

Oh come ON! Everyone's moving to WP! I can't take it anymore! It's killing me!

If you have patience... I can probably write your template for you. If not, I can definitely tweak the one you have.

I haven't messed with my template in FOREVER. It's sad, really. I used to update it all that time. My sidebar and links section needs some work. Now that bloglines runs my blogroll, I don't have an excuse to edit the template as much, and there are a lot more links that I want to add...

Anyhoo, let me know if you want me to freshen this one up for you.

9:28 AM  

Delurking... I love wordpress. Much, much easier than anything else! We keep blogger just to post comments!

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