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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the head

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Wow, that picture is bigger than I wanted. Oh well.

We've been trying the swaddling thing. We had the kiddopotamus Swaddle Me things (which are great) and we recently were given a Miracle Blanket by a co-worker.

The poor kid is partially mummified by the contraption. It does seem to soothe him sometimes, but Lois thinks he hates being swaddled because we always struggles against it.

I am not quite sure if it's helping with his sleep or not, or if he finds it calming. The poor kid seems hungry all of the time, so it's hard to tell if he's crying because he's hating being swaddled or he's just hungry AGAIN!

For now, we are not being overly diligent on the swaddling. Lois never does, I'm the one who puts him in it.

I think he looks cute, Lois thinks we should start calling him "the Head" because all you see is a potato sack with a head sticking out.

Poor kid.
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He is just perfectly adorable. I have always been a big fan of the swaddling, but I know some babies don't need it as much.

Thanks for your comment aobut the cake. Please feel free to forward my cake link. Also, let your sister in law know that the diapers were so easy to make. I just cut squares out of fondant and the rolled them a little with a rolling pin to make the 'not perfect'. They are hung up with tiny wooden closepins. My e-mail is SJIngersoll@GMail.com if you or she has any questions.

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What a beautiful baby!

1:16 PM  

Some babies like to be swaddled up to their armpits with their arms out. Others like to be super warm. You might try wrapping his lower body only.

Are you really sure that he's crying in hunger all the time? I don't mean to second guess you, but he may be crying from gas or reflux some of the time and will suck because it is comforting. I don't mean to say to stop feeding him at all, but perhaps there are other reasons.

Don't worry. He's still little yet. He will grow and start to get interested in other things besides nursing. It may seems to take longer that you want, but next year you won't even remember half of this. At least Lois won't because of the hormones... :)

2:42 PM  

The Head! That's hilarious. He's so adorable. Erik hated being swaddled too. He liked it for the first few days of his life, when he had no concept of what the hell was happening, and after that he would kick and fight until he got out. So we gave up.

2:44 PM  

That is a way cute picture. Cam never liked swaddling either. He didn't like being restricted. What he did like, was a burp cloth up by his face!

3:38 PM  

We bought several of those twenty dollar swaddle blanket thingies, thinking Av would use them all the time. Nope. She hates to be swaddled. She has to kick and flail about. They worked great when she was a few weeks old, but now she's more interested in moving around than feeling comforted. Or maybe she gets comfort from moving.

Av cries out when she's hungry or wants to be close. She's not really interested in eating. She's sticking to the every four to five hours and sometimes I have to force her to eat. Whereas she cries out constantly because she wants to be held against me. I cannot put this baby down. I know I need to more in the future so she doesn't get too used to being next to me all the time. But for now, I like her close to me as well!

My first born wanted to eat constantly. All I did was pump and nurse, pump and nurse. I was never so aware of having breasts in my life!

8:14 PM  

I know having a new baby makes it hard to read anything. But there is a book (and also a great DVD) called the Happiest Baby on the Block, by Dr. Harvey Karp, he talks about how to calm crying babies and help them sleep longer. I swear by it. I highly recommend buying the DVD and watching the technique. It really works. By the way, congrats on baby Andrew. He is beautiful! Check out my blog if you want. . .

9:47 AM  

Loved loved loved the Miracle Blanket for my daughter. Loved it.

Did I mention I loved it? :) Good luck!

It didn't help her sleep as much as it calmed her down - she was a class A fuss-budget from day 1.

2:00 PM  

He is SOOO cute!!!!!!

9:20 PM  

Cute doesn't even BEGIN to describe that picture! Love it!

3:02 AM  

We loved the wrapping at my place, Thomas kicked out against it at times but after awhile I worked out it was when he was over stimulated and overwrought. When he got to big for the wraps we put him in a cot sheet. For years he would go to the bed and pull the sheet around him when he got tired.

Andrew is young yet - you will work him out feeding and wrapping and all. Follow your instincts.

I can highly recommend a book called "baby love' by Robin Barker. It was my bible and I took it everywhere. it doesn't boss you around but just tells you the pros and cons of things. breast and bottle, dummy and thumb, solids and 6 months and 4 months, wrapping or not wrapping. No judgements just information to inform your decisions.

Good luck

12:59 AM  

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