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Thursday, March 15, 2007

the end of a day

The car is a goner.

The mechanic was trying not to offend me when he was telling me about the blown radiator and possible blown gasket and the fact that the work is more than the car is worth.

He did offer to get rid of it for me, but that would only work if the damn thing was paid off.


We made the end of the day better.

Lois picked me up at my office with a change of clothes and I gave her a Happy Anniversary card with tickets inside.

Tickets for this show.

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Everyone knows Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, right?

Pat is Lois' favorite (tied with Melissa Etheridge, of course)!

The show was INCREDIBLE! She totally rocks - - They both completely rock!!!!

We even had time for a quick bite before the show where we had the best chicken salad and the best cole slaw ever!

And, we made it home before the snow really started!

Despite being a little mad at me for spending money on her, I think Lois really enjoyed herself. She even admitted that she might find Pat hotter than Melissa.

BTW - I discovered today that my insurance company, USAA, not only the best car insurance company ever, but also is hooking me up with a great car loan!
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Awesome!! love me some Pat!! She is my favorite all time singer. But what the hell?? Did I miss something?? What happened with the car?

2:19 AM  

Never mind, I am caught up to par. sorry about the car!!

2:23 AM  

The death of a car.
I'm so sorry. You got a lot of use out of that car it sounds like.

I LOVE me some Pat Benatar. Hit me with your best shot.....Did you know her daughter sings now.
Up with the next generation.

11:23 AM  

I'm glad your day at least ended on a happy note. A night with Pat and your wife. What more could a woman ask for.

Sorry to hear your car is moving on. Could it be a blessing? Time to get something possibly safer for Andrew? That's what I keep trying to convince Shelly of is that we don't need a NEW car (wink, wink) just a SAFER car for Riley.

2:11 PM  

Dang, sorry about the car, but it sounds like you had a great night! Well deserved!

4:49 PM  

So jealous that you guys had a night out sans baby. Still trying to get the in-laws to do the same. Glad you enjoyed it.

8:31 PM  

Oh, sorry about the car. That stinks. But like Dee said...that means a safer ride for Andrew.

M loves Pat. That's who she runs with everyday. (Well thats the cd in her walkman) :o)

I'll agree about USAA. They are great!

8:10 AM  

Sorry to hear about your car... but I am very glad you had a nice time at the show!

9:18 PM  

I am so, so sorry about your car. That sucks so freakin' much. Glad the anniversary was so great though!

10:54 PM  

I came across your blog through a few clicks.. Congrats on the new baby (well not as new anymore) Mainly I'm writing because I saw you're insured with USAA. I am too. They are the best ever!! Have you ever taken advantage of their car buying program? I'm thinking of trying it...and they will also go to bat for you for the best possible loan rate.

Anyway, havea good day!

2:18 PM  

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