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Monday, December 05, 2005

the waiting game

now, we wait. we figure we might do an ept on saturday or sunday. knowing lois, she won't be able to wait until sunday.
but how anxious do we want to let ourselves be.
if it didn't work this time, we have many more chances to keep trying.
if it did work this time, we don't want to be too excited, and shouldn't get too caught up until we are well into the second trimester since the last miscarriage happened in week 12.
there is no way to keep your excitement down no matter what you tell yourself. i guess we'll just take it one step at a time.
if lois is pregnant, that's her xmas present.
posted by Holly at 4:49 PM


I think if Lois is pregnant, it's actually YOUR christmas present since you won't have to get all bloated and vomity.

11:35 AM  

Is she pregnant? Also, I read your other blog about weight loss. I have been doing South Beach for 2 months and did phase 1 for one month. I lost 15 pounds in two months and haven't been exercising, it's just really cutting fat and sugar out. South Beach is easy, especially phase 2. I just don't get to eat Taco Bell and have to eat whole wheat pasta.

And I still have 1 large chocolate/marshmellow flavor with cream and 2 splendas every day.

Of course, this week I totally bailed on the diet because Kim is moving all of her stuff out of my house and it's been really stressful. But the book says to go back on Phase 1 when you slip and this week I'm going to exercise.

But the most important question right now is whether or not Loey is pregnant!!

9:57 AM  

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