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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Well, it’s official.

No pregnancy this time.

It’s getting depressing.

We had a little “chat” last night at midnight about our next course of action. (I was at Yankee Stadium watching the Red Sox spank my team and Lois was babysitting for the friends I went with). We discovered AF had arrived when we both got home.

We have one more attempt left for May. Then, we need to figure out what we are going to do. Finances will be reevaluated, including that whole plan about getting a family car. We told Lois’ nephew that when he got his license in June, we would give him our 4WD car (a ’99 Kia Sportage w/ 80k miles) and we would get something like a CRV or RAV4 this summer. Now, he might get the Kia, but only until we need the 4WD in the winter. A new car for us is not an option. And we can only hope that our high mileage cars hold out for a lot longer.

So, here’s the big question. If our last attempt does not work, do we switch clinics? We like Xytex and have had no problems with them. Logging on to the clinic websites to view long profiles takes more $$. Then we have the payments and shipping all over again.

Plus, Lois must have a donor who is CMV (-) negative which means our donor selection pool is much more limited. Our doc is a little partial to California Cryobank but does it really make that much of a difference right now?

Having any type of injections won’t be covered by insurance until Lois has tried for a year. It will be a year next month, but does it have to be 12 consecutive months of trying?

The emotional part of this is draining, too. I think we both feel defeated. Lois got pregnant on the first try before the miscarriage at 13 weeks. We knew we had a bad batch at one point but have been right on with timing and good sperm since then. What the heck!??!?

I know that many people have been trying longer than we have and have gone through more treatment issues and at the same time, so many people around us are getting pregnant and having babies left and right.

One hope is that I get one of the two jobs I am interviewing for. An increase in pay would at least allow us to not be so worried about spending more money on sperm. But, when we are finally holding that baby in our arms, it will all seem easy, right?

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If I had sperm I would totally give it to you.

I think you should just reevaluate your budget. A baby is more important than cable, in my opinion. You really want this and you'll make it happen.

I think it's a matter of seeing what things in your life/budget are the "rocks" those things that are biggest and most important, and everything else gets filled in.

Why does Britney Spears have no trouble getting pregnant all the time?

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