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Friday, May 12, 2006

switching things up a little

We talked to the doctor last night.

One of the main reasons we never did any meds was that our timing was never a problem. Lois has a 29 day cycle and surged on day 15. No problems there. She got pregnant before and we did the hysteo(something)gram in November and we know that she has eggs.

Plus, we didn’t want to do any meds and increase the chances of having more than one baby. When the twins were born, Lois was 30. Now, she will be giving birth at 39.
The doc was worried last night that we were going to give up. She also added words of encouragement that Lois should not be worried about the age factor. She has patients that are 45 and 46 years old.

The doc put her on Clomid, which only increases your chances of multiples from 4% to 8%, so it’s not an overwhelming statistic.

And, we switched donors.

We ordered 4 samples of our first choice guy. He was sold out last May when we ordered so we had to go with our second choice then.

Now we are excited because we feel like we are going with the guy we originally wanted and now, with the Clomid, we are increasing our chances. Maybe this is the guy that was meant for us?

Funny thing too that one of the couple’s on our web group is using the same donor for the first time days before our next attempt. Wouldn’t it be cool for our kid to have half-siblings who also have two mommies?!?!??
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Cool yes. But also weird.

YAY!!!!!!!!! My friends on LJ just had a baby. I met them last summer. She is so cute. Don't know what they did to knock up the one partner, but they seem tired and happy.

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Just an FYI about clomid- it can thin your lining, so you'll want Lois to take baby aspirin daily (through the end of the cycle, not just the days she's taking clomid) to help boost the blood to her uterine lining. Are you getting follicle scans as well around cd 11 or 12 to check up on her eggs & lining? And a trigger this month? With clomid/frozen sperm, it really helps to nail the timing with the follicle scans (see what your working with) and a trigger shot. Good luck! I am a lesbian mama too!! Stop by our forum hey mamacita if you are looking for some *cough* *cough* experts on the subject of getting knocked up!

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Stay optimistic...It sounds like a good plan! Have you considered trying at home for one or two cycles? You can always go back to IUI. But sometimes being relaxed at home, being together, having an orgasm, and spending plenty of time with your butt up in the air afterwards (I stayed in that pose--feet on headboard, butt on pillows--for an hour) might do the trick. I have an almost full bag of "Fertilitea" herbal tea blend I'd be glad to gift you if you want it. Just send me an address (melissabmoss@adelphia.net). I drank it before both my conceptions. Also, acupuncture in the two weeks before ovulation helped me. Really wishing you guys luck. My best, Melissa

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