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Sunday, October 22, 2006

pumpkin carving 1

It’s really Fall!!!!

We did some pumpkin carving today! (J sparked me into doing it with her posts)

Lois was busying herself with candied apples so only Suz and I did the messy carving.

We, of course, cheated with stencils, but I think we did pretty well.

First, here’s Suz’ that she did for her 6 month old son, Kaden.

I had trouble deciding and went with Frankenstein. I have to admit it didn’t look like anything until you lit it up.

I am thinking of getting some more pumpkins this week to do one or two more before Halloween hits!
posted by Holly at 7:54 PM


Great job! I've tried some of the fancy stencil ones and you're right, they look like nothing unless they are lit up. Love the pumpkins! I think I'm not going to carve one this year for the first time...we'll see.

12:14 PM  

Wow - they look awesome. We get a stencil kit every year. Once we bought the stencil kit, and there was stencil of former Entertainment Tonight reporter John Tesh - which was pretty funny (and strange). No one chose to use him for their pumpkin.


12:30 PM  

Well John Tesh would be a scary pumpkin, wouldn't he? ;)

4:29 PM  

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