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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year’s to everyone!

2006 had some ups and downs, but overall it was a good year!

We finally bought our first place together
We got pregnant
We saw several babies arrive into the world
I got a great new job

As for 2007, I am contemplating which of my various resolutions I will actually follow through with this year. Here are my resolutions, with some remarks which may give insight into the reasons for why I never follow through with them

1. Lose 45 lbs. (I would be happy with 30, do I have to watch what I eat to do that?)
2. Work out (this involves getting up before 6 am and the treadmill is 2 stories away)
3. Stop drinking so much soda (although it is hard since I have discovered Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke)
4. Be a more patient driver (it’s difficult to do when so many people don’t know how to drive)
5. Be less of a clutterbug (hey, the clutter doesn’t bother me)
6. Be more financially responsible (that’s really Lois’ job)

I guess the biggest resolution, one which I hope to actually follow through with, is to be the best damn mommy (second to Lois) to my little boy that I can be.

That might be doable, right?

Oh, and I leave you with a picture of our little Kaden from Christmas Eve. That's my hat he's wearing, but I have a feeling it looks much better on him!

Here's to Kaden and Suzanne having a happy, healthy, prosperous and hospital-free 2007!!!
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You'll be a great Mommy!

Have a great 2007!!

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