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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I guess it's official

I guess we have finalized Chubby's name.

Changing our minds now would involve removing a lot of stitching.

Now it's in writing:

Here's our diaper bag, courtesy of Suz and Kaden.

Here's Andrew's froggie towel, just like Kaden's hippo towel. Thanks Suz and Kaden!

And the GIGANTIC bag was from me. Lois told me she'd be mad if I spend any money on her for Christmas, so I made up our hospital bag - to be used later as our weekender bag for our trips up to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Niantic.

The hospital bag I got her had: new robe, slippers, jelly beans, hair ties, lotion, body wash, bath crystals (for her bed rest foot washes), Ritz crackers, Sweet n Salty granola bars, breast pads, her favorite lip stuff and a boppy with cover. Not bad, huh? (Thanks to everyone who helped me with item ideas!)

Now we are working on the middle name. Lois might be changing her mind about Keenan.
We're now tossing around a few others. Michael? Richard? Joseph? It might take us a while to settle on that.
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Congratulations on deciding on a name!!! :) The personalized stuff is great!

9:34 AM  

I love the name Andrew! I'm big on initials in case the child hates their name when they grow up they can always go by their initials. Andrew Joseph could also be AJ. or Andrew Keenan could be AK. Good luck! Glad you've decided on a name.

12:56 PM  

Andrew is a great name! The hooded towel is adorable and the bag was a great idea! Two and I severely limited our holiday shopping this year because most of our extra cash has gone to our RE, I'm sure his kids had a great year! :-)

7:29 PM  

I love the name Andrew - great pick!

My husband's name is Michael Joseph so I am partial to those as well. :-)

12:44 PM  

Found your blog after you posted on mine! Just wanted to say I enjoy reading yours... congrats on picking a name and a bigger congrats to the two of you for getting ready to have a baby! I look forward to following your story!

12:49 PM  

Yup, I like Andrew. Good choice! How about Andrew Jerome?

3:07 PM  

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