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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Those who watch American Idol...WTF????

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We are suffering from a little sleep deprivation in our household lately.

We're trying to figure out if we just have one of those babies who cries all of the time for no reason, or if something is wrong.

He was awake all night except for a total of about 2-3 hours. All day today, he went down for about 5 minutes at a shot, waking up crying.

We're tired. He's upset about something, or nothing at all.

We are thinking of going solely to formula for a short period to see if anything changes, then try breast milk for a short period.

You feel so bad when you don't know what the problem is. Poor little guy.
posted by Holly at 9:47 PM


has this been going on for a while? if so, have you asked your doc about colic - my sister's baby had it (out of nowhere), and the symptoms sound familiar... it's not fun, but they do grow out of it. just a thought.

11:37 PM  

Try peppermint tea, or mylacon drops for gas.

1:09 AM  

Holly, I'm sorry. I've been there and Elliott almost didn't make it past four months.

Babies who cry all the time are in pain. No baby wants to cry all the time. And don't blame yourself. It's not you. You may just have a high needs child. Elliott is and although he takes alot of work to raise, he's the funniest kid around and loves everyone.

It could be reflux. These are some things to look for that are linked to reflux in babies. (I know from my own experience. I'm not a doctor.)

Does he seem most upset about an hour and a half to two hours after he's eaten?

Does he arch his back, kick his legs or tense up his body when he cries?

Does his breath smell like acid and not breastmilk or formula 1-2 hours after eating?

He could also be reacting to what is in the breastmilk. Some babies cry if their mother drinks milk because the proteins get into the breastmilk and he can't digest them. Or cow's milk proteins in the formula could bother him too. There are other foods that could bother him. Look this up on www.askdrsears.com. It's a great website.

But if it's a cows milk intolerence then both formula and breastmilk will bother him.

Talk to your pediatrician. Maybe try going off dairy or getting some Zantac. But get some help.

BTW: Colic is just a doctors five letter word for "I don't know what's wrong with your baby." :)

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I agree, it might be colic. Just want to share my experience with my son. At first we really didn't know what was wrong with him, he'd just cry for hours on end. Till we figured out it was gas which was painful. This lasted till he was about 4 months. Im breastfeeding and it happened most of the time whenever I happened to eat beef, chicken, and dairy products. A reaction to protein i think, so I tried to stick to vegetables and it got a bit better but occasionally he still has some bouts. Im thinking of giving formula but I think i'll try the Hypoallerenic ones.

one way to check if he has gas in his tummy: try to tap it and listen if it sounds like a drum (percussing the stomach) then definitely he has gas. also when you touch the tummy its hard and it hurts.

just try to burp him and also rub his stomach with oil (for tummy aches and gas) I dont know any specific brands but a friend gave me Cussons Telon Oil and its helped a lot.

Its hard having to deal with colic but it will pass as they grow and their digestive systems mature. Try asking for some advice and help too from your doctor. wish you luck!

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I've all along thought his upset times were when he's been gassy. But I'm not sure anymore.

We've done the belly massage with baby oil, moving his legs around, letting him stretch out a little, and have the Little Tummies Gripe Water which sometimes helps.

It's tough to tell if he is more tense than usual. He always seems to have his hands clenched and his arms and legs flailing around.

Last night, he seemed to be in pain and we felt terrible.

We will try the formula that is gearing towards colicky babies.

I think he might have a little cold, too. We'll see how he's feeling today and maybe see if we should take him to the pediatrician.

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Thank you everyone!

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I'm sorry. This is one of the HARDEST parts of being a mom...let alone a new mom. It seems like you try a million different things and then finally things change and you don't know if it's because something was wrong, or if he turned 3 months and his belly finally got used to digesting something besides amniotic fluid.
I feel for you and hope that things get better for you.

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P.S. Try a warm compress on his tummy. That always helped my kids.

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True. When you're there and doing everything you can and still the kid keeps on crying its really hard. Especially when its your first time its like "Huh, why is this kid crying? What's wrong???" Just hang in there. It will pass and you'll also figure things out as you go along. Just trust your instincts.. :)

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Holly...sorry I'm behind on my reading. You mentioned his arms are flailing around. Have you had him in a tight swaddle at all? Sorry if you've answered this before. Olivia was much calmer in a tight swaddle. We weren't wrapping her up right initially and she'd always come out of the wrap. We got the DVD "Happiest Baby on the Block". He demonstrated proper technique. He also went through a few other techniques to help babies who cry. Have you watched it yet? It might help you better figure out if it's a digestion problem or something else.

Good luck guys and hang tough. It really won't last forever.

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Read the book "Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Karp. Seriously, it saved my sanity when I had my daughter and she had reflux and colic.

Good luck!

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I agree about AI? What the hell is Mangina still doing there???

So, so, sorry to hear Andrew is having a hard time. It's got to be so, so tough. Have you guys tried the sound machine? I've heard it works wonders.

Thank you for your thoughts! We love knowing you're thinking of us. And thank you for the must have list!!! We're taking it with us to Park City this weekend to hopefully get some of the items crossed off the list.

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Holly, I have a surprise for you over at my blog. Go check it out.

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I don't know anything about crying babies but I do know that vote for the worst.com is totally leading the charge to keep sanjaya. I loved that little girl they planted there to cry for him. That was awesome. I am rooting for the fat kid.

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