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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

11 weeks

Today we are at 11 weeks. Only 203 days to go!!!
It’s the size of a softball in there! Can you feel it? The little guy (or gal) is about 2.5 inches long, and weighs about 14 grams.
It’s growing in there! How weird.
It’s a good idea to learn Kegel exercises, and time to start doing 25 a day.
Yuck. That is something I can’t help Lois with.
How many more weeks until the sleepiness, lack of appetite and occasional crankiness (not that Lois is ever cranky) subsides?
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I'm 3 or 3.5 weeks ahead of you on this adventure. For me, the constant exhaustion let up around the 12th week. The nausea persisted until recently, and I still get sick from brushing my teeth. :P

My LW is VERY happy that I'm awake now, but less excited that I've gotten more sensitive and weepy of late.

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