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Monday, August 01, 2005

baby gifts

We have not bought anything for the baby yet. I don't think that is such a bad thing, we are almost at 10 weeks.
But we have received a couple gifts so far. Laura bought the baby its first pair of Nike hi-tops, Jody gave us rubber duckies and Mindy-the-neighbor crocheted a baby blanket for us. It is soft, washable and adorable.
Now we are starting to collect baby stuff.
We will probably give ourself a few more weeks before we start buying things for Ziggy, but that doesn't mean that we can't accept gifts.
We spent a few hours on Saturday at Babies R Us, Burlington Coat Factory and Target checking out strollers, clothes, rocking chairs, cribs, toys, bassinets, and the like.
Having a baby is looking like its going to be expensive from Day One.
We figure we may be able to get a bassinet and/or changing table second hand, but cribs and car seats must be new.
Why is a car seat $179.99 but the same car seat that comes with the stroller is $199.99?
We tested strollers up and down the aisles. Lois seemed a little perturbed when I mentioned that the cup holders in the strollers' handlebars would hold a beer for me.
We almost feel asleep in the gliding chairs. We do have a friend that would probably give us her rocking chair for free, but we both really liked those glider chairs (which were $189.99).
We discovered that we have great taste because our favorite strollers, pack n' plays, bassinets, etc. were all Eddie Bauer.
We also seem to be leaning towards having a boy because everything we like and pick out seems to be a little more masculine. Go figure. We would stop ourselves and say, "what if it's a girl?" And then we would pick something somewhere in between totally masculine and totally pink.
I can't wait! I am told we absolutely have to have a baby shower. I assume that means we have to register somewhere.
Maybe we will start all this in November or December.
In the meantime, Lois and I will be walking around Babies R Us going ga-ga like little kids scoping out the perfect stuff for our Ziggy.
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I cannot wait to festoon you with various knitted goods. Let me know the nursery colors ASAP.

When do you move into your condo?

And also, you say this baby is expensive from "Day One". Let's not forget it cost money to conceive!! From Day negative 270!!

5:53 PM  

Okay, I have decided to give you the choice of three blankets.

One is lilac, it is called "Heirloom Lace" and is a sampler baby blanket and very pretty. I am almost done with it.

One is called "Black Sheep" and has a green cotton background with fuzzy sheep grazing in the grass. All white with one black one.

The third is a building blocks blanket in primary colors. It has several blocks with lego style texture to it and has a little house, a little duckie and a little sailboat, all designed to look like they were built of legos.

I am going to make all three regardless, but since you are the people who I know best having a baby first you get dibs. I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BABY!!!!

3:43 PM  

>>>Having a baby is looking like its going to be expensive from Day One.

Duuuuhhhh - that's why they invented *baby showers,* genius.

Don't you two dare spend a dime until *after* the showers.


12:29 AM  

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