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Friday, July 29, 2005

i will be a parent...gulp

We went out to dinner the other night and I sat across from Lois staring at her as we waiting for Laura to arrive.
I cornered her.
“Listen, we are going to have a child. We. Us. Not just you. You are seriously, seriously, thinking that I should be a parent too? Do you understand that? Have you met me?”
“Of course," she said. "And you will be a great parent.”
“Me? I can’t keep a plant alive, I can’t dress myself without help, I leave my water bottle on the roof of my car when I pull away, my keys in my trunk on a regular basis, I play on my GameBoy before I go to bed, I am addicted to my iPod and I still giggle like a small child when Laura makes me laugh. Maybe I not mature enough to be a parent.”
“You will be a great parent. You will balance me out. I will be the one to be the stricter one, the one picking up everything, etc. You will be the one playing on the floor, watching the Disney movies and singing along to kids’ songs.” I couldn’t imagine myself singing along to the Wiggles. The kid is going to have to be a Melissa Etheridge and a Sheryl Crow fan.
“So,” I said, “you are completely prepared to enter into a parental role with me as your co-pilot, with full awareness that you could leave me alone with a child and come home to a house with 45 toys strewn about, a child with a full diaper, pants on backwards and grape jelly from head to toe and you are okay with that???”
She smiled to hide the cringing but nodded nonetheless.
That satisfied me.
This is truly happening and we are going to be parents. I know we have talked about it for years, but I didn’t think she really thought I was capable.
I am so incredibly thrilled and she always looks at me with bewilderment like she didn’t realize how truly excited I would be.
We are going to be parents.
And we will balance each other out.
I may not be as hopeless as I think I am.
And Lois will most likely sing in the car to the Wiggles (and definitely to Melissa) as well.
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