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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

a safe parent

When you are thinking about having a child, you pay attention to a lot more things.
One of those is safety.
Two incidents yesterday made me mutter to myself in a tone that I can only identify as a parental response (I guess I am ready).
Incident #1 – a little white car pulls around a parking lot with a child almost completely hanging out the window like a dog trying to have the wind hit his face. The kid must have been 5 years old. No seat belt.
I almost went bananas.
What if the car slid and hit another car? That definitely appeared to be way too fast for a parking lot. How come that kid doesn’t have a seat belt on? What about a car seat? What if he gets ejected from the car? What’s wrong with those parents????
Incident #2 – driving home from work at approximately 8 pm, getting fairly dark. 3 kids on Candlewood Lake Road, a pretty busy road, are all on bikes zigzagging around the road, all about 8-10 years old, no reflective gear, no helmets.
I was thinking to myself “what parents in their right minds would let their kids out here at this hour with no protective gear?”
“I would never let my child do that!”
Maybe I was such a wild, reckless, crash and burn kid that I will be a completely neurotic parent. I doubt Lois will let me be totally uptight, kids bump their heads and get boo-boos all the time, I will just make sure my kid is wearing body armor.
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