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Friday, December 16, 2005

a bfn?

I think it’s a BFN.
Lois called me close to 15 times yesterday telling me that she thought what was going on was implantation bleeding. I pretty much confirmed for her that it was, in fact, her period.
We are disappointed, but I guess our expectations were pretty high considering it happened on the first try last time.
I know people try forever sometimes to get pregnant but we thought the odds were pretty good of another quick pregnancy (the doc confirmed that Lois had good healthy eggs ready to go, we know the donor has good swimmers, and we are injecting sperm directly into her uterus during ovulation, you can’t get much better conditions then that).
We are looking forward to trying again in 16 days.
Lois thinks its because the doc we liked wasn’t around and it was the one that we had issues with last time around.
Lois is convinced that this doc injected the sperm into her bladder.
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