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Monday, January 30, 2006

another try

We did another insemination on Saturday!
This time, we think the timing was perfect! The OPK was a “clear positive” unlike the “not very sure” results we had the last 2 months. And I was there for it this time.
Since it was a Saturday, I went with the wife to the clinic to pick up the baby daddy and I got to be there for the actual would be conception too.
Lois is a little squeamish about the slightest discomfort and was very vocal during the IUI. She actually blurted out when the catheter was being inserted “I’d rather have sex with Billy!” which took the cute doctor a little by surprise.
(Billy is our married friend who repeatedly offers to be our donor if he can do it ‘the natural way. Billy was quite happy to know that he was on Lois’ mind during insemination.)
Now we wait.
And wait.Waiting
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I'm waiting!!

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