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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jeopardy time

Our friend Deana has a saying that sometimes it takes one “Jeopardy time” to have something sink in.

Some people need a moment longer than the average to absorb and comprehend any given moment or thought. It is during this time those observing this prolonged moment imagine the music from Jeopardy playing while the brain is churning.

Lois has freely admitted to being a person who often requires Jeopardy time. (I am not just poking fun at her, it happens to everyone)

Last night was one of those moments.

Since I have been able to feel the little guy move, Lois said to me last night “I wonder if I can feel him move inside and outside at the same time.”

“I’m sure you can since I can feel him. Just, so long as you can differentiate where you are feeling what.”

Chubby had been active for a few minutes and just stopped, so we went about our business watching TV.

About 90 seconds later, I hear “Whoa! Whoa!” and a bunch of tenuous laughter.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Holy s%$! I can feel the skin move on the outside when he rolls around in there!”

“Yes, I know. That’s what I feel when he moves.”

“That is so weird and freaky!”

I sat back and watched her for about 60 seconds. I waited, watching her expression change as the realization hit her that the movement inside her body was creating a response that resonated to the outside of her body. Once the realization hit and was fully absorbed, she relaxed again and accepted the theory of action = reaction. And the Jeopardy music stopped.

“Wow,” she proclaimed, “Just wait a few more weeks and he’ll be kicking stuff off my stomach!”

So, now that she has accepted this, I envision we will be placing pennies on her belly in a few weeks trying to see if he kicks them across the room.
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What a great story. Love the pennies idea.

9:08 AM  

Great story. I just felt Riley for the first time on the outside and I agree, it is weird and freaky. Much different from the feelings on the inside. I never knew the baby was that strong!

11:37 AM  

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