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Monday, October 02, 2006

a little lamp

Here’s a story about a little lamp...

Lois’ mother told us about this lamp that a friend of hers wanted us to have. We heard about it several times and how nice and expensive it was but this friend had no children or grandchildren to give it to. At one point in this story, we were told this lamp was $200.00.

Not knowing what to expect, I was thinking of a Tiffany lamp. Or maybe some crystal version of Noah’s Ark or something.

As the story progressed and we were waiting for the lamp, all of a sudden, the story grew. Lois kept telling me it was an $800 lamp that was purchased 20 years ago.

First, I am thinking, why on earth would anybody spend $800 on a lamp?

Second, why would you put something worth $800 and breakable in a baby’s room?

Third, what in the world is this lamp made out of?

Fourth, will we go to hell if we sell it and buy a $20 lamp and lots of baby stuff?

One night, Lois announced to me that she had picked up the lamp and was bringing it home. As my mind was whirling with things like “if Lois isn’t working, we can sell the lamp and tell her mother it broke,” etc. (which we would feel too guilty to ever do), Lois walked in the house and handed me the ever-so-precious lamp.

Here it is...

Oh yes, it is Peter Rabbit. And, of course, we all love Peter Rabbit, but $800??
And, oh yes, it is Wedgewood, but $800??

It turns out that the lamp was actually $200, not $800. I was still not impressed.
Maybe it’s a collector’s item?
Maybe it’s one of a kind?

Curious, I checked it out on ebay and found several of the exact same lamp. Peter Rabbit, Wedgewood, same exact pictures and sayings.

The current bid on one of them…


The current bid on the second one I looked at…


After we stopped laughing, we started thinking maybe we should buy a backup in case this woman wants her lamp back at some point and it’s been broken or something.

Lois is still saying, “but really, she said it was hundreds of dollars, 20 years ago…maybe the ones on ebay are replicas.”

posted by Holly at 8:50 PM


A friend of mine is a walking buyer's guide for what I tell her is "junk". She can quote the book value of thousands of objects. Your lamp would perhaps be worth $200 in theory, but the reality, as you saw, was yard sale priced at about $9 on eBay. I wish it could've been one of the true finds that was worth $800...or even $200! I'd box it up and stick it in the attic. Maybe in another 20 years, it just might be worth something!

- Karen

9:45 PM  

Your lamp can be on "Cash in the Attic" in 15 years (which happens to be what I am watching right now).

1:00 AM  

LOL. That's too funny!

For the record, my parents have a lamp that was $600-$800. It is not a small lamp though--it is a lamp that is almost as tall as I am. It is grey and has this elephant on it--very unique. But a little tiny table lamp? I don't see how that would be worth that much...but you never know. As you said, could be an "original." Or the lady was ripped off. :-P At least it matches your theme!

7:17 AM  

I think that you all are missing the point. Peter rabbit was very popular when it came out and many people would be happy to have such a lamp in their collection. I guess you all must like Disney stuff more. If it was a Mickey Mouse lamp would you feel differently?

8:33 AM  

I love Peter Rabbit.
What is on the lamp is not really the point.
The reason I find it humorous and even wrote the entry (which was intended as a light hearted entry)is that the cost of the lamp was made such a big deal to us...it could have wonder woman or babe ruth (2 of my favorite things) on it and I would still find the story funny.

9:26 AM  

I have a bunch of peter rabbit china from when I was a kid. It was worth a lot back then. I don't know where in the world it is now, but maybe you should go with a peter rabbit theme? I LOVE peter rabbit. I especially love that hedgehog from Beatrix Potter.

12:17 PM  

Are all mother-in-laws pack rats? I noticing a trend.

1:47 PM  

My in-laws are famous for doing the "it's worth a ton, or we got a great deal on something worth a fortune!" At least the lamp is little my in-laws have taken to buying us art work collections, apparently my walls are too bare. the best part is I now have two HUGE painting in my living-room of an artist I don't even like! But I do love the story I laughed out loud!

11:46 PM  

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