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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

bedding poll!

Calling all readers!!

It's poll time! Or better known as "we need help and input" time!

I am taking a poll for potential nursery bedding. Keep in mind that the furniture in the room will be the color of the crib I posted yesterday.

Lois wants me to narrow it down to 2-3 choices and then present them to her for discussion. My mind is still completely open to suggestion.

I am also thinking about painting the room, not anything as extravagant as Wendy & Karen’s set up or as creative and cute as Stacey & Angele’s (both of which are incredibly cool), but maybe something easy that I can handle.

First the girl themes

Flutterbye (Girl choice A)


Holly Hobbie (Girl choice B) (This one is special to me since I was named after Holly Hobbie. No, I’m not kidding. My parents let me sister name me. It could have been worse, I guess).

Now, onto the boy themes

Transportation (Boy choice A)

Planes (Boy choice B)

Can you tell I like airplanes? Target has a cute train one too, but I’m not sure Lois is ‘on board’ with it..LOL. And, I am still looking for a sports theme that I like.

I really like boy themes better since I am not a big fan of pink, but I am still convinced we are having a girl, so I guess I need to have some ideas.

This gives people an idea of our tastes. I guess we are a little plain and simple. If anyone has any other choices that you want to direct us to, please feel free!

We hopefully find out if Chubby is a 'he' or a 'she' in 10 days!

posted by Holly at 11:51 AM


I love the quilted look! Great choices. :) And thanks for the compliment on our baby room. :)

My picks are:

Girl - Holly Hobbie. I think the other one is too pink and I *love* pink... I guess I like the green in the HH one.

Boy - Transportation (Boy choice A)

And cool story about how you got your name. At least she didn't pick like Smurfette or something. ;)

2:37 PM  

Okay, looking at them some more, I do like the Flutterbye one as well but not with all of the pink accessories. I think the bedding itself is nice but they went a big overboard in that room set up. So yeah, the bedding is good. Tough choice.

2:41 PM  

I agree with Stacey. This is a tough choice. You chose some beautiful pieces. My picks are Holly Hobbie for the girl and Transportation (A) for the boy. 10 days!! I'm so excited for you! - Wendy

4:38 PM  

Girl -- I like the Holly Hobby! I didn't think I would, because I abhor anything country-ish, but it's restrained and the colors are very nice. Also, the name connection is cool.

Boy -- I really like the vintage planes (choice B).

Isn't this part of baby-growin' FUN?

12:26 AM  

Regardless of what you pick, you're going to want at least three pairs of sheets. Some bedding sets make you buy the whole pack to get them. Since you probably won't be doing that, you may want something neutral or something that goes with your spares.

5:24 PM  

The pastel pink and green of Holly Hobbie is so "hot" right now. Plus, if you go with a pale pastel on the walls, you might not have to repaint in two years. Once that child is two, they will have their own ideas for the room decor.

I always warn people to not go too babyish on the items that are hard to change. Unless price is no object.

Sheets, yes, you will need plenty of sheets. So going with a theme that gives you the option of solid color sheets from Target or Walmart is a great idea.

For the boys- only one choice showed up for me, so I will have to try again.

5:45 PM  

I'm with Stacey on the choices.

9:47 PM  

I bet a girl might like the transportation/plane bedding as well. I like them both!! :)

Do you have to make them sex specific?

10:57 AM  

I think I like holly hobbie because it is cuter, named after you and also I think you can get more sheets and interchangeables since it's got green in there. Also, it would look really good with tan/caramel colors. Maybe you could mix it up and throw in tan accessories.

And I am not voting on boy themes because I don't think it's going to be a boy.

1:46 PM  

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