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Monday, September 25, 2006

road trip!!!

We took a road trip yesterday (with Shawna and a pregnant Salina) up to Hartford to do a little USA Baby, Babies R Us and Target previewing.

We met Brian the ex-Air Force officer who is a child safety expert. Even though we were 100% sure of our Graco Travel System choice, Brian might have talked us out of it.

Here’s the Britax travel system that has a 16 pound stroller versus the Graco 30 pound stroller.

And the car seat base is much more secure than the Graco or Cosco style bases.

We think we found the crib at Babies R Us, but it looks so much darker online than it is in the store.

Finally, for the picture quiz of the day, are the two pregnant girls and Aunt Shawna are either (a)"testing gliders while discussing bedding sets" or (b) just trying to find an excuse to sit on their tired asses?

BTW - we spent no money other than lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. But I am itching to register!!!

5 Days left until the anatomy scan!
posted by Holly at 10:06 AM


I like the stroller and crib! Looks great! And the pic of the glider testing is great. We still have to pick out a glider. My mom thinks they're dumb (?) but we want one. I think they're comfy and we want a seat in the baby room for feeding the baby. :)

Yay on 5 days! Not long now! Ours is not much longer than that and we're so excited! I booked the day off so I could really enjoy it.

10:36 AM  

I absolutely love my glider! My advice is not to skimp and try them all out. I have had a couple friends who went cheep and were really unhappy. The pads wore out and the started squeaking. ( Check out parent reviews on BabieRUs web site) It really helps!
Also I love the stroller and car seat. You will be much happier with the lighter stroller, especially if you little one is like Jacob. We had him in his stroller and out of the infant seat for trips at 2 months, because he liked looking out much more then looking at me and he wanted to move around more then the carrier let him!

10:44 AM  

Loey looks uncomfortable. You should go rub her feet tonight or whatever.

1:52 PM  

Get the Britax. Really. It's a MUCH better stroller and a MUCH safer carseat.
The Chicco is the best travel system I think, if your heart is set on a "travel system" versus a car seat and a stroller. Just remember, almost every infant car seat can be used with almost every stroller. And since you really won't do the plop and drop very often, and you'll be using the stroller for YEARS, make sure you love the stroller. But as for travel systems, you almost always get a good stroller and horrible car seat (peg perego) or a good car seat and a horrible stroller (graco, baby trend), or sometimes you get a horrible stroller AND a horrible car seat (evenflo, cosco/eddie bauer/safety 1st/dorel). Sometimes though, you get good on both counts (Britax, Chicco).

Word to the wise- Britax manufactures all of Fisher Price's car seats. The fisher price infant seat and the Britax companion are the SAME SEAT with minor differences. And a FP travel system is only $200...

Go with the Britax. Seriously. Trust the car seat lady :)
Or the Chicco...

4:36 PM  

Those Britax systems look great. And I vote for "resting their tired asses" for the glider picture! Finally, go register! It's way too fun. We're not even half as far along as you guys and have already bellied up to the bar (so to speak)! ;)

8:47 PM  

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