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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

crib love

I love this crib!!!

We can only find it on Target.com but we want to see the color. It appears to match our furniture perfectly and I like the style of it.

Lois is even trying to call the manufacturer to find out where we can see it. The other thing is that they don't appear to have a changing table with it, so we are still stuck with changing tables that are too "honey" or too "cherry".

Can I tell you again that I love this crib.

And the convertible idea is wonderful! Crib, toddler bed, day bed, full size bed. If the Chubby doesn't destroy it, it could get him/her all the way to college.
posted by Holly at 10:17 AM


I love it too! And you're right, the convertible is definitely worth while! It was one of our must-haves. :)

You don't *have* to have a change table if you don't want to. You could always modify a dresser if you can get the right colour. Good luck! I'm surprised they don't have a matching change table... ???

11:38 AM  

Aren't you and Loey like the queens of the unfinished wood store? I bet you'd find a changing table or something there that you could stain.

Also, you'll end up giving this bed as a handmedown to the next kid probably.

4:14 PM  

Ooh yes, true, you can get a dresser and then get one of the sculpted changing pads for the top. We did that and now that Miss Thang is potty trained, we use the top of her dresser to hold ballet slippers and tutus. Diva that she is.

I always used her dresser to change diapers. I'm not a change a baby on the floor or bed kinda gal. ANd I cannot stand it when someone changes a baby and doesn't put a pad underneath the baby.

We have this super cool couch we bought before having kids. Very plush, very ooh la la. I have this friend who always changes her kid right on the couch, no pad. Poopy diapers and all. It just pains me each time. I suggest pads or moving the kid and she just shrugs it off.

4:18 PM  

I'm pretty sure this very crib is set up on display in our local Target. Wish I could help you color match from afar! But, from what I can tell, the color in the picture is true to the display so you may be able to just visually compare and be OK.

- Karen

11:02 PM  

Make sure the matress height is adjustable. Even with a dropped rail, you don't want to bend over too much to get Chubby out.

5:29 PM  

That is an awesome crib! I love the storage underneath! Plus, it looks like it would make a nice full size bed someday. It looks like it is on casters though. Do the wheels lock?

11:07 AM  

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