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Friday, September 15, 2006

good results!

Lois had AFP blood tests done last week.

I guess it was a recommended test due to Lois’ age (which is young, of course) but Lois was nervous since we were told there could be a lot of false positives.

I am happy to report that the results from the blood tests are normal!

We are very happy to hear this news and it seems like we have gotten past another thing.

I have accepted the fact that we will be worried about lots of things through out this pregnancy. And, of course, we still remain a little worried about Lois’ history of cervical cancer and 2 LEEP procedures. And hope they do not have any impact on this pregnancy, but we constantly remind the doctors to look out for any sign of incompetent cervix or anything to be concerned about.

As for now, everything looks good!!

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Great news! It's always a relief to get good results on tests that *may* give false positives to some portion of those who take them. Glad you were not in that bunch and that all is well!

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