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Monday, September 18, 2006

crib shopping

We went crib shopping/looking on Saturday.

We are not registering for a while, but since we know we will be keeping some of the furniture for the nursery that’s in the spare room now, we need to find the right color.

I have bedroom furniture in a cherry color, but it’s not the reddish cherry that most “cherry” colors are. I will probably leave the desk and armoire in the baby’s room and put a crib, changing table and maybe a glider chair (or rocking chair) if it all fits.

Here’s the crib and changing table that Lois loves! If only it came darker. We were a little deterred when we discovered that it was $169 at Walmart. A similar one without the changing table was $104 at Target.

Why are those cribs so “inexpensive” and other ones at Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Babies R Us and USA Baby all in the $300 range? I know spending more $$ doesn’t always mean something is better, but we don’t want to get the cheapest thing out there if it means skimping on safety!

We like the stages/convertible crib idea, but have no idea what else to look for.

Lois likes changing tables that can be either sideways or frontways. She likes changing a baby the long way and every changing table is built to change the baby from the side. And she wants a changing table with drawers or doors, not all open.


The only success on Saturday was that I did point out to Lois the travel system that I like and it got the nod of approval from Lois and her mother.
It can be used for a girl or a boy, right?

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The travel system looks fine for a boy or a girl. I think most of them are gender neutral. I mean, especially since most people have more than one kid and don't want to go out and buy a new travel system if they have a kid of a different gender! :-P

Nice crib. I like the change table. And I agree on getting a convertible crib--that's what we have. Um, we paid over $600 (Canadian) for ours (pic here: http://www.2girlsinlove.com/house/baby_room/babyroom4.jpg ). I think it depends on the material used. Ours is a really heavy wood. We got it at a wood furniture store in my hometown. One that my dad uses for all of his furniture. We got our change table/dresser there too and just bought a different line so it was cheaper but stained to match. So I think the difference in price could be 1) company that makes the bed and 2) the wood used. I know ours is a lot thicker than stuff I've seen in department stores so more wood used. I also think the style (ours is sleigh which might add to cost?) makes a difference in cost. I know staining can make a difference too since darker stains would cost more when you buy flooring so probably the same with furniture. And like I said, type of wood used. So probably all of those factors account for the price difference. Just a guess.

Have you tried independent wood furniture stores or baby stores? We saw tons at Mothers Choice by our house--a lot more variety than at Babies R Us. Good luck with your shopping!!!

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Sorry my pic got cut off. You can just go to the link to see it:

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I love that crib! What a cool piece of furniture. I would look for consumer stuff about it online, but otherwise count your blessings that it is cool and cheap!! (Honestly, I was thinking it was at least $400 when I saw it.)

P.S. Does your mom know you're pregnant yet?

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Just remember that all cribs have to meet safety standards, no matter where they are sold. We bought a cheaper crib at Walmart, and it was perfectly fine.

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Ok, I've had a kid and didn't know that changing tables came so you could change a child from the front. Wow, I'm mother of the year! Sheesh!!

Best selection of baby bedding I've ever seen! The selection at the chain stores can be pretty boring.

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Love the travel system pick and I think it'll be perfect for either a boy or girl. As far as the crib/changing table goes, I like that one. The convertibles seem wonderful and seem to make a lot of sense for the long haul. We've been looking at not having an actual changing table and using a taller dresser in the room instead. We can put a changing pad on top of the dressers that can turn longways or sideways and not be limited. While we're still a long way out from any purchases, we're currently leaning towards natural/unfinished wood and staining it to match what we want. We can't seem to find anything out there that suits us "as is" so I think we'll end up going with something we can stain/paint the way we want. And...I think the lower pricing deal you can get the better! I'm sure you could find something to do with the $$$ you might save!

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I agree with what everyone has said. I love the stroller system and the crib. GO FOR IT!!!

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My only advise is not to scrimp on the stroller! I have had several friends by Gracos and were really unhappy with their size when they were folded up, also they tend to develop squeaky wheels (WD40 does fix that). Also really check out the weight restrictions on the car seat, there are huge differences in the rear facing weight, which really matters if you have a chunky chubby. Since they have to be backwards facing till one year no matter how soon they hit 20 pounds.

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Mommies that Katrina meets rave unanimously about Maclaren strollers.

Didn't use the travel system personally. But I've noticed that they outgrow the carrying piece very quickly.

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