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Thursday, November 09, 2006

naming our child

Lois won’t commit on a name.

She likes Trevor

I like Andrew

She thinks she likes Andrew

We’ll call him Drew for short

Keenan will be the middle name (probably)

Robinson will be the last name (pretty sure)

I thought we were pretty much “there” with a decision.

She just called me and before she said hello, said “What about Neil?”

Could this be prompted by news stories about Neil Patrick Harris?

I am beginning to get a little worried that she is looking at People.com for boy name ideas.
posted by Holly at 1:28 PM


Maybe you could name Chubby K-Fed. Hahahaha.

Drew is a great name.

Naming is hard. We had a horrible time deciding on a name.

2:49 PM  

At least those are all real names. That's more than most kids have going for them.
Charlie (yes, his name really is Charles) was named at birth. There was nothing else he could possibly be. Maybe you'll have a situation like that.

4:01 PM  

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