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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Day 20

Here we are at day 20!

I made Lois an apple-scented foot bath and it made her weekend!

Tomorrow brings another appointment and we are thinking it might end in an admission to the hospital. And I think we’ve pretty much accepted it.

If the cervix is deteriorating to below 1 cm, we don’t want her to be at home by herself if something happens, or if it’s at a critical point.

I tried to show what’s going on with this “incompetent cervix” thing.

Here is a normal 30 week pregnancy diagram.

Here is my attempt at showing what Lois’ uterus looks like. The blackened area is representing what is pretty much now amniotic fluid. Something like that.

posted by Holly at 2:05 PM


Aces for the foot bath. Good luck tomorrow.

7:54 PM  

Pls post or email the hospital info if/when it happens so we can send her some bullshit to keep her company!!

Thinking of you!!


8:17 PM  

Sounds like baby (or bed rest!) is not too far off. Best of wishes going to all. Healthy baby thoughts going out to you and yours,

1:05 AM  

Thinking good thoughts for you three today.

7:53 AM  

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