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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

santa's helpers

I need some reader help!

I am doing some giving tree/needy children giving this year and have 6 kids.
I can only spend $10 each and it cannot be something that uses batteries (unless I give extra ones). Plus, it’s the only thing these kids will get from Santa this year, so I need to make it good!

Boy – 1 year
Boy – 10 years
Boy – 13 years
Girl – 2 years
Girl – 14 years
Girl – 16 years

The little ones should be easy. It’s the 10 and 13 year old boys I need some ideas for.
The 14 and 16 year old girls, I might need a little help with. CVS has some great makeup gift boxes for $9.99 each or body splash gift sets for $10.

If anyone has any cool suggestions, please let me know!
posted by Holly at 4:30 PM


Holly, Old Navy almost always has $10 shirts that are trendy. I get my nephew's stuff there.

A stack of comic books might work too. How much are comic? I'm not even sure. My nephew loves them.

9:40 AM  

Also, the boys might like some Matchbox or HotWheels cars. I think they are usually between $1-1.99 each. I secretly still by them for myself. Call me nuts, but I just love them. I always feel like I have to tell the store clerk how they are for a kid or something. Hmmmm, you may have just inspired today's blog. LOL

9:43 AM  

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