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Monday, December 04, 2006

Lois posting

Day 14

Believe it or not, after months of nagging, Holly has finally pressured me into posting. Why not, what else do I have to do???

POOR HOLLY, that’s all I have to say.

She’s trying so hard and for the most part, has been pretty successful in taking on every responsibility and then some. I didn’t know she had it in her… cooking, laundry, cleaning (we’ll discuss the vacuum incident later), waiting on me every second, and of course, making the money!!!

Cooking: consists mostly of pasta and take out, although she did make me a complete meal one night – ham, mashed potatoes, and the best veggie casserole ever.

Laundry: let’s just say it’s getting done (I think). I did hear some obscenities coming from the laundry room yesterday.

Cleaning: Definitely not Holly’s strength. Not that she can’t handle it, but I’m working against her. She tried vacuuming yesterday – about 30 secs into it the house smelled like it was burning down. Apparently, the computer power cord can kill a vacuum in no time. I guess that’s one way to get out of it.

Immediately following vacuuming, she decided to empty the dishwasher. Sounds pretty simple, huh. As she pulled the first thing out, she sent a glass sailing across the kitchen smashing in a million pieces. Oh well.

Then there’s the waiting on me (the most important part!) She doesn’t let me get out of bed for anything. She brings me coffee, the computer, jelly beans, water, WHATEVER I want, and makes our visitors the best tortilla dip ever.

In addition to everything above, she is the one and only breadwinner!!! I sit on my ass all day sucking the life out of everyone around me, and I’m not bringing in a penny!!!! Like I said, POOR HOLLY.

(However, she did make one stipulation that I am not so sure about. If she is hanging out with me on the weekends, she makes me watch football instead of letting me watch Lifetime. And apparently, football is on both Saturday and Sunday. What's that about? College and NFL? Argh!)

I want to thank her and make a promise to make all of this up to her after Chubby is born healthy and happy. I also want to thank everyone else for their support. The visits and phone calls are the only things getting me through this!!!

Billy, Loren and Harold, thank you so much for the basket of things to do and eat. I actually learned how to do sudoku!
Ben and Salina, thanks for the company and helping take care of me.
Shawna, I hope I’m not boring you to death watching tv.
Suzanne, I wish I could visit you and Kaden. WE MISS YOU TWO. Come home!!!!
Liz, I’ll keep wine on hand so continue to stop by anytime!
Jen and Bridg, you guys made my day!
Jody and Kari,, great to see you both! come back again, anytime, I mean it.
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hey...you are not sucking the life out of anyone!
your job (which is more important than any job in the world) is to grow as healthy a baby as possible!
i'm not complaining about anything baby!
love you....more

11:17 AM  

Glad to see you posting, Lois. Sounds like Holly is doing a great job of taking care of everything. And cooking is overrated anyway. ;)

Glad you guys got the gift. Hope to see pics of the nursery once it's all done up. Glad things are going well on bedrest and hope Chubby can stay put for a while longer. :)

11:45 AM  

Good to hear that you are hanging in there.

Just remember how many sleeps till Chubby is here!!!!

2:07 PM  

YOU are the one doing everything and YOU are definitely the one with the important job! If all the clothes turn pink and half the dishes get broken and an inch of dust forms on the mantel, it doesn't matter as long as you bring that baby into the world healthy and safe. There will always be time to rebuild your savings or fix the things in the house, there will never be another time than this to have that baby though. Holly knows that, that's why she's taking such good care of you!

4:16 PM  

Yeah Loey!!!!!!! You Blog as well as Holly!!!!!

7:11 PM  

Hi, Lois! How great to hear from you! I know how hard it can be to not feel like you're taking advantage of being pregnant and doing less than you should, but from one pregnant gal to another: Don't sweat it!

You're doing plenty. Just keep reminding yourself... 1.5 million new cells per minute takes some energy!

7:47 PM  

Great post Lois. Holly, I can tell a career with Merrymaids is out of the question.

Lois, I ended up sick like a dog through my pregnancy and couldn't do much. It was such an adjustment b/c I was a woman on the move. I went from working 60 hours a week to laying in my robe and showering every other day (okay...every other, other day). I felt like a slug. Boy did my opinion change when my little girl arrived. Dang it if I didn't do a good job there!

Tortilla Dip! I love any kind of dip...that's not human. Please share.

7:28 AM  

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