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Friday, December 01, 2006

Make time fly

It’s funny that when you get pregnant, you harp over every little new thing in the pregnancy. Morning sickness seems like it takes forever to pass and waiting for that first recognition of movement is like.

Then, every friend you know who is already a mom tells you time and time again to “enjoy this part” because life comes at you fast.

Right now, we want to fast forward things.

We used to like the term “running through wet tar” in law school as for how time seems to pass. Now, we are in Groundhog’s Day over and over again waiting for time to pass quicker.

Poor Lois is really living it. There’s no change in the schedule or different daily agendas to mix it up. It is the same bed, same shows on TV, same book that she hasn’t opened yet, etc.

Now, we are looking for tasks.

I am going to set her up next week to fill out all of our Christmas Cards.
Bevin is trying to get me to have Lois start knitting.

Lois is a trooper and an amazing individual. I hope this time and the holiday season pass quickly, but slowly enough for us to embrace what we can!

As for the emotional side of all of this, Lois has cried 2x.

Once was on about 4 am on Sunday morning when we heard the closet come crashing down again.

Then, on Wednesday, she did have a decent breakdown, but it was a cute one. I was telling her about the “giving tree” we have at work for needy children. I asked for a bunch of kids since you can only spend $10 per child. I told her that I wanted the kids that no one else did – like the older ones that are harder to buy for. When I told Lois that it couldn’t be anything requiring batteries since they can’t afford replacements and that it had to be something great since it was the only present these kids were going to get, she lost it. It was a full force cry. I think she felt much better afterwards.

It’s been 11 days so far, and we are getting through it.

She’s home right now and will be until Sunday when we talk again about where she wants to be. I will be completely open to whatever she wants.

This afternoon is another ultrasound, so we’ll keep everyone updated.

As for now, write us and tell Lois how much you think she should write some blog posts. She’s apparently a little shy about it and may need some persuasion!

Thanks everyone again for your well wishes!
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Shy of what??? Come on we are just your good internet friends.

1:42 PM  

Hey, Lois, come out and post! :)

I'll think fast forwarding thoughts for you guys. I can't imagine those bedrest days. Lois is very strong for getting through 11 days so far.

The closet crashed again?!!!

4:05 PM  

I hope time flies like the wind for you both. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Knitting also gets my vote. I'm an avid knitter. I simply love it! I'm a perfectionist and the first scarf I knitted was complete crap but I was so hooked on learning to do it properly that I kept on knitting.

When I've got too much time on my hands and am bored, I'll start a new DVD series (either by buying or renting DVD's). "Friends" always makes me laugh. "The West Wing" gave me something to think about. "Alias" amused me as did "Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy". And I'm totally addicted to "Battlestar Galactica".

Sending you both hugs! - Wendy

4:35 PM  

Lois - join us in bloggerville! The weather is fine and we'll try to liven things up a bit for you :)

May the time go by fast!

5:52 PM  

I just read Wendy & Karen's post - I don't knit, but now that you can rent entire series - if you haven't seen Queer as Folk, it is amazing, we love Scrubs for laughs, and I love Curb Your Enthusiasm - which is a bit quirky.

5:56 PM  

Hang in there Lois!!! Chubby is just testing you. Making sure you're patience is good and ready for what's to come.

Only crying twice is amazing! I'd probably cry every day.

Whenever I'm down sick a good hand held game, like Yahtzee or Solitair, helps time move a little less slowly. Sometimes you just don't always feel like reading or watching TV. Hang in there!!

8:02 PM  

Hi, I'm new to your blog, but wishing you the best and that time flies! My SIL was on bedrest in the hospital during the holidays, and that takes so much fortitude. I think she spent a lot of time on the phone, on the computer, and reading magazines. Hey Lois, maybe some of the those fun blogger memes will help the time pass?

8:25 PM  

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