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Monday, December 11, 2006


Lois just called.

Three possibilities can explain what happened
1. the ultrasound tech was really far off on Friday
2. our doctor is really far off today
3. Lois’ cervix mysteriously grew back 3 mm in the past 3 days

Whichever it is, our OB said no change had occurred since the last u/s she did 7 days ago, so she wasn’t going to send Lois to the hospital.

She’s still considered to have 1.2 cm left of cervix! Yippee!!

The even better news is that since my best friend Jess will be in town a little this week, and since some of our friends have light work schedules, Lois is opting to stay at home instead of her parents’ house!

This means she has internet access on the laptop and her own home to be comfy in!
posted by Holly at 11:51 AM


Congratulations Lois & Holly!!! That is SUCH GREAT NEWS!!! All that laying around IS the right thing to do!

12:06 PM  

Wow! That is great news. Whew. Every week Chubby stays put the better.

Cheers to both of you.

2:30 PM  

Oh...meant to add, doctors seem to be way off on lots of things when you are prego. I know dilation opinions differed widely when I was in labor. What a bummer to think you are to 5 and have someone come in and say 3.

2:32 PM  

What great news!!!!! :)

4:24 PM  

Hang in there Chubby, Lois, Holly and cervix!!!! Glad to hear the good news!

5:31 PM  


6:28 PM  

Hi Holly

Thanks for coming to see us at our blog. It is all sounding very exciting from your side of the world - I will be checking in to see how you are going...

HOpe you enjoyed those Christmas cookies

7:33 PM  

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