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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a little longer

Lois is ready.

Not exactly ready for the child birth part, but ready for bed rest to be over.

And if pushing the child out sooner rather than later ends the bed rest, then I think she’ll embrace the child birth.

She has joined some Yahoo! Groups that involve bed rest and other pregnancy complications.

We know how lucky we are that she has only been on bed rest for 6 weeks so far and that everything seems to be looking good for the baby so far.

We know how lucky we are that we made it this far – we’ll be 34 weeks tomorrow.

But she is uncomfortable, miserable about missing very simple daily activities, tired of TV, achy due to the cot in the living room, the muscles have atrophied and Lois has actually lost weight (probably from losing all that muscle).

We went on full alert on November 22nd that this kid could come any minute. We are ecstatic that he’s stayed put as long as he has.

I am pushing for 3 more weeks, Lois is thinking that at the 35 week mark, she’s getting up and doing some sort of exercise that involves jumping jacks or a trampoline.

He did get the steroid shots, so we should be in fairly good shape at this point. He should be over 5 lbs.

We have the orientation at the pediatrician’s office tomorrow night and Lois is determined to go. She’s been so good this far, that I want to have her come with me.

Then, Salina (our pregnancy buddy) is having her baby shower on January 13th. We’ll be over 35 weeks then and Lois thinks it’s imperative that we make it to that.

When I heard our OB say she’ll lighten up on the strict bed rest at 36 weeks, Lois seemed to hear her say “35 weeks.”

I am estimating this little guy will be born on January 26th (my mother’s birthday).

Actually, after all of this drama, I’m thinking he’ll come past his due date. Lois will kill me for saying that.

Lois is convinced he is coming this weekend. I don’t know why, but she’s convinced of it. I think she’s just wishing it.

No, the room hasn’t been touched. No, we still don’t have a crib. No, we have not gotten the car seat yet. We should get it on Thursday night, then Lois’ brother, who is a cop, will have his buddy who is certified come over and install it for us.

Hang in there a few more weeks, Lo.

Andrew needs just a little more time. Hell, we need a little more time too!
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Sounds like little Andrew is just around the corner. I am glad you guys have been able to hold off from having him a few weeks... Good luck to you girls and Happy New Year!

8:14 PM  

Rule of thumb...if you don't have the car seat, Andrew will come early. If you are prepared and ready, Andrew will be late.

Sounds like you and Lois are keeping relatively good spirits through all of this. Lois sounds spunky. I'm sure she is right that the doctor said 35 weeks. Six and five sound a lot alike, afterall. You probably just heard wrong, Holly. LOL.

9:46 AM  

Oh how I don't blame her for 'hearing' 35 weeks! The bed rest does go in fits and spurts and there are days you think you can't stand another day and in her defense.. it does get harder when you know the baby would likely do well! To make her hope for at least another week... remind her that our little guy came at 33.6 weeks.. he surpised all the NICU staff by coming home in 7 days BUT to this day, we are still battling nursing. His suck is still very weak and not enough to support a good supply. Oh he tries like a champ.. he is just still physically unable to do well. He is also now a month old and is still just under 5 lbs.. even an extra week might have helped with the continuing nursing issues and nursing is very important to me. One more week.. one more week!

10:15 AM  

I know how hard bed rest is. I was on it for 8 weeks. You are amazing and doing great things for your baby. Please don't because of the misery of bed rest and your excitement to meet your baby get over anxious and push things too early. My friend delivered at 34 1/2 weeks because like you she was done. I delivered at 37 1/2 just 3 weeks later and you can't imagine the differences in our kids. 3lbs first of all, and developmentally they are so much slower than mine. Healthy lungs isn't the only thing to consider. Plus....I PROMISE you...you will say to yourself....WHY did I want this beautiful person to come 3 weeks early again ? This said, on your 3rd day of no sleep. They are much easier to care for on the inside.
You have done so good to cook that sweet baby. Keep up the good work. Do it for your baby. It's about him anyway right ?
And I promise....you can handle another 3 weeks. You can !

12:06 PM  

I have to agree with everyone so far. It's much easier to take care of a baby that's inside of you. And they grow so much more and better in there.

Please go get that carseat ASAP! You can't come home from the hospital without it and nothing is more frustrating than not being able to go home when you want to.

And remember, Andrew will come when he and your body decide they are ready, not when you are ready. I tried with two of them to get them to come early and one of them to stay in longer. None of them did what I wanted them to do.
Oh well. It all turned out ok in the end.

You can do it.

3:19 PM  

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