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Monday, February 19, 2007

Week 2

We’ve been busy!!!

Sorry for not posting sooner. And I am going to be lazy again and just put the slideshow at the bottom of the post.

We’ve had a bunch of visitors in the past week and a half. And we’ve now been on a bunch of outings!

Lois took Baby Drew to the grocery store on Thursday.

On Friday, we took him to my former place of employment. After an hour car ride each way and about 2 hours of being the center of attention, he was exhausted.

On Saturday, Baby Drew (or Baby Andy as cousin Elliott calls him) got to meet his cousins Elliott and Ben and Uncle Chad and Aunt Nicole.

On Sunday, we went to Suz’ and Kaden’s and saw the Fedigans, and a bunch of people and kids, and hung out with Harold and Kaden. It was so much fun!!!

His jaundice is almost completely gone and he’s still eating and gaining like a champ.

More to come later…

posted by Holly at 7:05 PM


He's adorable!!! Glad to hear the jaundice is resolving. Gus had low levels too and it all worked out just fine. Congratulations.

8:14 PM  

You guys have been busy! I love the slideshow pics, very cute!!

10:20 PM  

Lois and Holly - Andrew is so adorable... He has a perfect face and his features are just so perfect!!! Thanks for sharing his pictures... it gives me hope!

11:05 PM  

He looks SO much like his mommy.
He really does. How cute.
He must be a really good baby to let you take him out and about. Very lucky for you :)

The doodlebops are a childrens singing group. You will I'm sure find out about them in due time.
Dee-dee, Rooney, and Mo.
Very cheesey. :)

You HAVE to catch up on the L-word girls. This season is the best so far. Well the last 2 episodes any ways. GREAT new characters. :)

11:36 PM  

Wow, you have been insanely busy!! Thanks for posting and updating us. Can't believe how big he is looking--they change so fast. He's still cute as ever, of course. :)

9:45 AM  

He's adorable! Thanks for the update!

1:56 PM  

He is awesome! He also looks very much like Lois!!! Especially his expressions.

Can't wait to meet him!!


5:38 PM  

He is so gorgeous. Really and truly. Way to gain his weight back too. Isn't it crazy to think that little man was in Lois' tummy just a few weeks ago?

I know this was from another post, but I was sorry to read you had a scuffle with your MIL. All will be well once everyone settles in. Babies bring people together.

7:12 PM  

Drew is ADORABLE!!! thank you for more pictures. I'm always checking for more. Hope you guys are getting some sleep.

9:05 PM  

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