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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love is....

Andrew Michael

posted by Holly at 3:39 PM


What a cutie!

4:11 PM  

He's adorable!!

4:11 PM  

He is adorable!

4:13 PM  

HE IS PERFECT!!!!! Adorable he is.

4:13 PM  

He is so adorable!! Again Congrats and Happy Birthday Andrew.

4:14 PM  

He's gorgeous!!! I'm so glad we didn't have to wait long for pictures! Can't wait to see more. :)

4:19 PM  

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Congrats Moms!

4:47 PM  

He's here! What fantastic news! He's absolutely gorgeous...Wishing you three the very best,
Melissa and gang

7:13 PM  

Welcome to the world Andrew and congratulations Mommies! He looks perfect!

7:27 PM  

He is sooooo adorable!

2:25 AM  

Congratulations Lois and Holly! Welcome Andrew! He is a gorgeous little boy. Enjoy every moment!

8:06 AM  

yaaaaaay! welcome andrew & congrats moms!

8:36 AM  

Absolutely adorable!! Congratulations!

11:02 AM  

He's beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS!

11:31 AM  

Absolutely precious, perfect, handsome.
Welcome Andrew.
Thanks for getting the pictures out so soon.

12:09 PM  

He is amazing! Congratulations to you all!!!!!

3:09 PM  

I love him! He is so cute!!!

3:43 PM  

Well, I'm all blubbery now. He is absolutely beautiful. I want to scoop him up. Congratulations moms. No gift compares.

4:54 PM  

he's beautiful! congrats!

5:52 PM  

Cograts!!!!! What a beautiful boy!

5:59 PM  

Wishing you 3 nothing but happiness!

9:27 PM  


9:57 PM  

I am so glad you got these up so quick. He is simply adorable!!! Perfect!

8:32 AM  

He is so gorgeous! I so, so, wish I could hold him and smell his sweet newborn baby scent. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

11:30 AM  

Can I tell you how much I wish we lived closer. I am in love. You sure about not taking the bar again, I just know Jacob and Andrew would be get friends!

11:50 AM  

I can't wait to knit for him!!!!

xoxoxoxoxoxo to both of you!!!

12:06 PM  

We've been reading your blog a few times a week waiting for the special moment. We're very execited for you both and Andrew is adorable. Congratulations!!!
Dawn & Dawn

10:21 PM  

Congrats on the sweetie!

10:13 AM  

That is such a bEAUtiful baby. Congrats. so cute so cute

12:33 PM  

Congratulations! He is absoutely adorable!!!!

12:39 PM  

What a cute little baby! Congrats to you both!

11:45 PM  

I just love him- he is so little and perfect! I am so happy for you both!!

10:20 AM  

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1:18 AM  

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