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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

another wednesday

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For the past few weeks (since Lois was off bed rest), we have met Salina and Ben for dinner on Wednesday night.

Each time we leave, we make plans for the following Wednesday.

Between Lois (who thinks she will deliver any minute) and Salina (who probably will deliver any minute), we joke that we will inevitably not make it to the following Wednesday dinner and will most likely one couple will be visiting the other in the hospital.

We've made it, yet again, to another Wednesday.

Today, we are 39 weeks (how crazy is that?) and Salina will be 38 weeks on Friday. I don't think anyone would have thought that we would be going out to dinner, child free, at this point.

So, why not go big and greasy!!!

The Sycamore is probably the best burgers in the area. Tied for a close second are Red Rooster and Super Duper Weenie.

If we make it to next Wednesday, Valentine's Day and our due date, we will probably do dinner closer to Salina and Ben's house so at least we will only be 5 minutes from the hospital!
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39 Weeks!!! Gosh. So exciting. The Sycamore sounds wonderful. How did Lois' heartburn handle the grease? Mine was so bad at the end I wouldn't dare eat something that good.

1:16 PM  

I'm rooting for him to come this weekend!

3:01 PM  

I can't believe you are only SEVEN days from your due date! Lois has got to be miserable. Hopefully he decides to come SOON!

8:28 PM  

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