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Monday, February 05, 2007

small hospitals and stuff

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Andrew has his swing!!

Lois' aunt came by yesterday morning and brought the swing and the baby monitors. We don't get to see them as often as we'd like, so it was a great, albeit short, visit.

We put it together right away and Lois was excited about something we've gotten for really the first time. This was the only thing on the registry that she picked out. (Not because I am a controlling bitch, but because she was completely indifferent to anything).

- - -

We made it through the Super Bowl without having a baby.

I don't think I would have cared too much if I was torn away from the TV. Other than the very first play of the game, it was very lackluster.

I still enjoy a good football game, even if my team isn't in it, but for some reason, neither the game nor the commercials were all that terribly exciting.

I guess, Congrats to Peyton and the Colts. I rooted for the Bears only because every single sports commentator, journalist, and office pool had the Colts taking it with a good sized spread.

- - -

We tried to get into the hospital yesterday before the game to do a quick tour of labor and delivery.

Our OB said to call around 3 pm after the shift change and if it's not busy, they'll show us around.

Lois called and they said they were too busy to do a hospital tour.

"There's a woman laboring right now," the nurse told her.

Lo hung up the phone and looked at me deadpan.

"They are way too busy for us to have a tour, there is ONE woman laboring right now."

We know it's a small hospital, and we don't really need a tour, I'm sure we'll find where we need to go.

But I am a little concerned that the staff is only able to handle one laboring patient and nothing else at all.

We haven't had Bradley or childbirth classes, no hospital tour...we're so unprepared for that part. Well I'm sure we'd forget anything we learned anyway.
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That's the swing we have! It's great. I love the crickets. :)

I don't like football and didn't watch.

Sorry you didn't get to do the hospital tour. Ours was pretty much pointless so you probably didn't miss out on much. I liked the classes though.

11:01 AM  

Love the swing! Cant wait to see a pic with a baby in it :-)

11:46 AM  

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11:52 AM  

One book that was recommended by the nurse that ran our lamaze class was the American Academy of Pediatrics Caring For Your Baby And Young Child: Birth to Age 5. Just make sure you have the latest edition. It's way better than those "What to Expect" books which is a really fun for hypochondriacs.

12:09 PM  

Love the swing.

I have the very book Mr. Space recommended. Definitely great to have. Much better than "What to Expect". My aunt is a pediatrician and gave me the book.

12:30 PM  

I agree....not even the Budweiser commercials were funny. The face slap commercial made me smile, but that was it.
(my Colts won though...that was great)

I don't know if you caught the L-Word....what's up with showing Max's naked body ? And right off the bat too...no warning....just shag-rug-la right there staring me in the face :) ha ha
I enjoyed the hear no evil, see no evil, smoke signals Bette let off with the Art teacher though. :)

12:44 PM  

thanks for the book tips! I am not sure if that's one of the books we already have or not. I haven't really been reading anything - I hate What to Expect. (I do have some books I've been told to purchase - maybe a book blog entry is forthcoming!)

KJ - Didn't see the L Word last night. I'm actually a week behind.
I gotta say, based on the first 3 that I've watched, I haven't decided if I'm in love with the show anymore. You have definitely sparked my interest about the Max thing, though.

1:10 PM  

That is the swing I want, if we ever get pregnant again!
About the hospital tour, look at it like this. If you were the one laboring, wouldn't you want all the help and attention you could get. So maybe it is a good thing!

3:34 PM  

The only thing I watched during the Super Bowl was Prince (I'm a pretty big fan from the 80's). The hospital's preoccupation with the laboring woman could be a good sign. Maybe they were actively working with her, which would be better than some scenarios I have heard. Cute swing!

6:34 PM  

we have that swing too. ryan loved it! hopefully we'll have another next year to enjoy it.

8:37 PM  

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