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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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posted by Holly at 2:29 PM


What a beautiful baby! Wow!

Happy Valentine's Day.

2:44 PM  

Holly.. he is BEAUTIFUL!!! And I don't just say that to any baby.. he is truly gorgeous..


3:14 PM  

Sooooo CUTEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Happy Valentine!

3:26 PM  

He's just SO FREAKING ADORABLE that I can't get over it!

Happy Valetine's Day!

3:50 PM  

Oh so cute!!!

6:05 PM  

Baby Andrew you are sooo beautiful, adorable, cute, and on and on! I'm so excited to finally see you! Happy Valentines Day!

9:06 PM  

Andrew is so adorable! How great that he is here safe and sound. Relieved and happy for you guys!

10:07 PM  

Awww, the cuteness! Happy Valentine's Day!

10:10 PM  

I think he looks like Lois ? Don't you ?
Happy Valentines Day !

10:40 PM  

Oh my gosh - he is absolutely precious!!

11:38 PM  

what a PRECIOUS ANGEL! you two are so truly blessed. :)))))))

1:32 AM  

Forget working, I think I am just going to stare at his picture on my computer screen all day!!!!

11:06 AM  

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