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Thursday, February 15, 2007

more pics

Baby Drew is doing wonderfully! Thank you everyone for your well wishes and thoughts!!!

He had some jaundice, but the levels are low enough that photo therapy is not required. In some pictures, you can tell how yellow he is.

He's also a big eater. Some babies are picky about binkies, nipples and bottles. Andrew is content with anything. Lois feels like she spends all day either feeding him or pumping. And she finds both quite boring.

Due to his insatiable appetite, the little monster is almost back to his birth weight (which should take 2-4 weeks). He weighed just over 7 lbs at birth on Thursday. On Saturday, was discharged from the hospital at 6 lbs, 5 ounces. Sunday, at the pediatrician, he was 6 lbs, 9 ounces. By Tuesday, the pediatrician weighed him at 6 lbs, 14 ounces. What a little porker!

We think he is the most beautiful baby ever - I think he looks a lot like Lois.

We are having a ball. We had a small breakdown at the hospital where family and hormones came crashing together. Lois' mother showed her true colors and needless to say, after crying for a few days, we settled on using Lois' last name for little Andrew, even though we had all along planned on using mine. We are getting over it and at least we can change it in the future when we are ready to deal with the b.s. We are not going to let any of that take away from the joys of our little boy! As for me, I have not been in a room with my MIL since then and it will just take a little time.

As requested, here are some more pictures of the little guy! No clothes fit him! We discovered that some brands make a Newborn size which is 5-8 lbs instead of the 0-3 months which is usually 8-12 lbs. It doesn't matter, he's swimming in the newborn clothes. The way he's eating, though, he'll be in 0-3 months in less than a week.

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He is BEAUTIFUL!!! OMG, he is so freakin cute!

I don't know what to say about the change in his last name but I think it is so not cool that her mother made you guys change your minds... he is your baby and this should be your call and you she should just 'get over it'.. he is YOUR!!! baby! It should have been your two decisions.. i just can't imagine how that must feel and I'm sorry... Most states have so many months where you can change their name with a simple form..

About the clothes.. Colton is nearing 9lbs but only 20" and the newborn clothes are JUST starting to fit. What a fantastic gain Drew is achieving... Cole's goal was 1/2 oz per day and we struggled to meet that but your little guy is blowing that out of the water! Great job moms!

9:34 AM  

He is beautiful!!!! I can't believe how gorgeous he is. I wish I could give him big hugs and kisses. Glad to hear you guys are hanging in there. Love to hear that he has a healthy appetite. I'm so happy for your family!

10:36 AM  

He's such a gorgeous baby. Well done, guys.

10:42 AM  


The name thing is frustrating right now. We are actually telling people not to get him anything with his full name or initials on it right now.
It upsets Lois just as much as it upsets me, she just needs to be ready to stand up to her mother. She spent 7 years of her life with her mother not speaking to her and I think is scared that that will happen again.
Her mother is unlike anyone I have ever met in my life. And it's not about the name thing itself, it's about how if I called my mother crying, she would be my mother, not someone who finds the moment of weakness to be the opportune time to get her point across.

sigh. poor kid.

We are already trying to limit his time with Lois' mother. Not long ago, we briefly considered she might be a cheap alternative to day care for a day or two a week, now we really don't want her to have that much time with him. She has made such a mess of Lois' brother's family.

We won't let her do that to us and our little boy.

10:47 AM  

I'm sorry about the family drama. I hope that it all works itself out.
My wife is more of the "husband" if you want to call it that. My kids all took my name....she is going to change her name to mine one of these days as well. It freaks people out...they just assumed I would be taking her name.

I love jaundice....I think their skin looks so tan and pretty :)

I'm glad you think he looks like Lois....I think he does A LOT.
He is absolutely beautiful and looks to be a very content and happy baby.

11:59 AM  

I'm SO excited for yall! He's just the cutest lil guy! And I agree...he looks alot like Lois. I'm sorry about the name and out-law problems. Keep smiling! :o)

12:22 PM  

Oh families. Aren't they grand sometimes? I'm sorry you both had to deal with that - I can only image how difficult that was for you personally.

Your little guy is an angel! Enjoy!

12:43 PM  

Oh, Holly. I hope the name thing works out. I was totally looking forward to his last name being yours as a great way to solidify your bond with him. Is there 2nd Parent Adoption in CT?

Have the girls met him yet? They will be so excited. And the pictures--is there enough blue in the world to incorporate into your day to day lives? Even Loey is wearing blue for him!

I am so proud of you guys!!



3:09 PM  

He is so cute. I thought he looked a little jaundiced, because Cam looked like that. That is why he reminds me of Cam so much.
Sorry about all the drama. That is definately not what you need right now.

3:20 PM  

Ugh, sorry about the family drama. That must be a hell of a thing to deal with at a time like this. Sounds like you're hanging in there and enjoying everything anyway, though, which is fantastic. And he is adorable!

4:32 PM  

Sounds like he's gaining weight fast and furiously!

I completely understand and sympathize with the way you're dealing with the situation with Lois' mom. If it were me I'd probably change his name and just lie to her about it, but I've always hated having it out with my mother. No matter what his name is though, you ladies have a gorgeous little boy!

4:46 PM  

He is sooo cute. I love his little chin. Too cute.

3:42 PM  

Soooo adorable! Love seeing more pics!!!

Sorry about the MIL. Sounds really frustrating. I think I would just say, "Too bad, it's our baby and our decision." I'm sorry you have to deal with that sort of BS when you should just be enjoying your new baby boy. Hopefully things sort themselves out.

5:18 PM  

Hooray, hooray! I agree with the crowd, he's gorgeous!

10:37 PM  

Congratulations girls, he is gorgeous!! Me and my wife are waiting for our little girl, only 4 more weeks to go. My wife is the one who's pregnant and her mother was very clear the baby would get HER name. We already decided she would because I use my wifes name as my married name as well however it was the way she told us that really hurt us. But.....we found a PERFECT sollution. Our little girl will carry MY last name as her middle name and actually MY mothers name as her first name. Justice for all, hahaha (we happened to like this name a lot anyway, werther or not it had been my mother's name :-)
Goodluck and don't let your ML rule your life, you and your family are perfect the way you are!!

4:19 PM  

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