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Sunday, February 25, 2007

the first real bath

We had our first bath today!

Don’t worry, we have given him some sponge baths, but his cord only fell off last Monday and Lois wanted us to both be around to do the bath together.

Plus, we had to buy a space heater so the bathroom was about 100 degrees so our little guy didn’t freeze.

Not that it mattered, he wasn’t the happiest of campers anyway.

Beware, there are some naked baby pictures below – he will hate me for showing this to the world someday.

First bath 2-25 pic 1
Originally uploaded by hollykr1976.
Ahhhh, warm bath water!

fist bath screaming
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I am not having fun at all! Why are my mommies laughing!!?!?!?

first bath 2-25 pic 2
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Are we done yet?

first bath 2-25 pic3
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Phew, that was exhausting.

fist bath 2-25 finally
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Here’s Andrew recovering from the traumatic bath experience that his horrible mommies put him through.
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He's so adorable! Thank you for posting pictures. I've been waiting to see how he's developing. He's HANDSOME as could be!

7:49 PM  

That looked like fun! So cute though... thanks so much for sharing....

9:48 PM  

I know you don't get sick of hearing this: HE IS SO DANG CUTE!! Cam loved his bath too. He looks perfectly content in the sink. We had that sponge thingy too and it was very handy because Cam loved being submerged in the water and kicking. Thanks for sharing the pics.

11:58 PM  

So cute!!! Don't worry, he will probably start to love the bath soon. Erik reacted pretty much the same way for his first few baths, but now he absolutely loves it and is all smiles!

8:00 AM  

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Thanks for sharing.

8:28 AM  

Love the pictures. What a beautiful boy!

11:06 AM  

Good times, eh? They hate the being cold part. :P But aren't they so calm after they are nice and warm?

We have given Riley 2 baths so far. We were told a bath every 3 days and no more because it will dry out the skin. It's a lot of work anyway. :P

11:44 AM  

He is too cute! Lauren and I picked out the same robe. Love the frogs and turtles! Can't wait for our boy to get here.

12:00 PM  

Oh my gosh - so, so cute!!!

3:15 PM  

I hope you don't get sick of me saying how much he looks like his mommy, but he DOES so much !
He is so yummy !

11:38 PM  

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