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Saturday, February 03, 2007

90% effaced

We had an appointment yesterday and the midwife said that Lois is 90% effaced.

This might mean something to other 38 week pregnant women, but to be honest, Lois might have been 90% effaced for the past 11 weeks.

She's not dialated and the midwife couldn't do the scraping to get things started because of the scar tissue (from the LEEP procedures 12 years ago).

The cervix appears to be stuck together. They might actually have to pry it open prior to delivery.

Isn't that a twist from the "OH MY GOD, YOUR CERVIX WILL FAIL AND HE WILL FALL OUT" scare of the past 2.5 months!?!?!?

It also appears that despite all of his movement, he is still sunny side up. She suggested some thera-ball exercises. I used to have a great thera-ball but someone made me get rid of it when we moved. Hmmm. figures.
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The irony is indeed impressive!

By the way, I have a therapy ball that I bought a couple years ago, and Mombi has always despised it because of the space it takes up.

I got a big chuckle out of it when I pulled it out of hiding to start using it again for pregnancy!

10:25 AM  

Unbelievable! We really must have sent way too many stay put vibes. Now he doesn't want to come out! Come out, come out, Andrew! We're ready to see you on the outside!

1:07 PM  

That's great, you are headed in the right direction.

I know exactly how you feel. I was put on bed rest at 25 weeks (with my twins) stayed down until 35 weeks...I was dilated to a 5. All of the jumping, jogging, walking didn't do a thing. They told me that they would fall out if I got out of bed, and I ended up inducing at 38 weeks.
My boys were both 7 lb'ers and healthy though...again...worth the wait/weight. :)
Good luck.

1:19 PM  

I never thought I'd be reading still pregnant posts here in February! I'd go get another thera-ball. It was very helpful to me in getting labor to progress and served as a great baby soother later too.

2:41 PM  

So Andrew needs to turn around? Do you mean he is breech or that he's facing the wrong way? Apparently they can move around even during labour--our midwife has seen them move from one side to the other.

Wow, that's crazy about the cervix. I hope they don't have to pry it open and that things start progressing.

It is funny how we were all paranoid and now you want things to happen and little Andrew is staying put!

6:49 PM  

I have totally lost the betting pool for the baby. He's not being born on 2/2 and he's a boy and he's going to be way bigger than 6 pounds. Oh well. Can I still come to the shower?

5:37 PM  

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