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Monday, February 26, 2007

shower help

Ok blog friends, we need some help from the gifted and creative out there!

We never had our baby shower, but have decided (due to some urging by friends) that we need to do SOMETHING and will have a meet and greet style baby shower at the end of March so everyone can meet little Andrew.

It will be not overly formal, but friends of ours really want to do it for us and are being pains about not letting us pay for any invitations and decorations. It’s annoying.

We are doing a book wishing well by putting little cards in the invitations with this poem:

I want to be a bright child
As smart as I can be.
That is why I’m hoping
My mommies will read to me.
If you plan to bring a card
Please take another look,
I would like to learn my ABC’s
From your favorite storybook.
Please sign your name
As your personal touch.
Baby Andrew thanks you
Beary, beary much.

I am also putting on the invitations that we are registered at Babies R Us and www.cordblood.com, but, I don’t want people to feel overly obligated to bring gifts.

Here’s the deal:

Since Lois was on bed rest, we cancelled our baby shower in December. We were going to have 2 showers, but never got to scheduling the 2nd one. Now, we are doing our own thing, Lois’ mother will have a pool party for their family when summer gets here.

Some people have sent us things off our registry or outfits and some have brought gifts or other stuff when they’ve visited Andrew in the past 2 weeks.

Plus, since Kaden is now 10 months old, we are getting essentially ALL of his hand-me-downs and we are in pretty good shape for clothes.

I know people will not show up empty handed and I hate being presumptuous by even putting where we are registered on the invites – but I know we have to.

Is there some cute way of letting people know that...
1. we really don’t need more clothes ?
2. don’t bring something if you have already given us a present ?
3. is it really tacky to tell people where we would like gift cards if they really felt obligated to give us something (like amazon.com, Target, etc.) ?

Any ideas out there?
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You should write a poem. A nice verse that says "We don't need more clothes; Please don't bring us more presents; If you want to bring us something give us a gift card or a book for his library"

Also, are we looking for all ages for his library (like some older kid story books) or just for little kids?

2:08 PM  

I think the poem is way cute. Maybe you could add a few more sentences about not bringing clothes, although people still will because I know that that is what I love to buy for new babies. Maybe you could ask for older sized clothes. I don't think it is bad to list where you are registered either. I would rather know where someone is registered so I can get something they really want or need. I think most people feel that way too. You could make it cutsie so it doesn't sound demanding like "You don't have to bring a present but if you must we reallt like Target!" Make a joke out of it and people will get the idea.

3:10 PM  

I like the above suggestions. I can only add that--despite giving others our registry info and hinting broadly that we didn't need clothing--many people just ignored all that and bought baby clothes anyway. Why? I've finally figured out the obvious: People (by which I really mean women) enjoy shopping for baby clothes and don't want to deprive themselves of this fun activity...just because you asked for something else. Oh well! It all was appreciated and it's truly the thought that counts. We've been trying to post blog photos of Sophie wearing the outfits people bought her and thanking them publicly...They LOVE that! Good luck with your "meet Andrew" shower. He's really adorable, so happy all went well!

7:45 PM  

Bev - we are working on the date. I'm hoping for March 25th but if we can't get the place secured by today or tomorrow to get invitations out, I'm thinking April 1st! What better day for us fools to throw a party!

For books, I'm thinking children's books. People's favorite bedtime stories, nursery rhymes, etc. We are asking people to put a note in them and I am sure we'll end up with 4-5 Goodnight Moons, but it's a cool idea nonetheless.

10:12 AM  

Hi! This is Suzanne....okay, you may know me as Kaden's mom.
I just wanted to clarify that I am one of the annoying friends that will not let Holly and Lo pay for anything towards the shower, simply said... no one pays for ANYTHING at their own shower!
I am looking for some support.. please post a little something explaining to Holly and Lois that it is normal to just sit back and enjoy your shower!


9:28 PM  

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