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Friday, March 23, 2007

about poop

If you don't like discussion on bodily fluids or bowel movements, move onto another blog - sorry for the TMI.

It's amazing what you will talk about, what topics of conversation can be thrown around the dinner table, once pregnancy hits.

During pregnancy, child birth and now, having a baby, it seems that no line of discussion is off limits. It doesn't even matter who is in the room anymore.

Now, I can talk and write about poop like I was discussing shoes or the ridiculous weather.

Our boy has been on formula for 36 hours. He was good yesterday, meaning he didn't cry all day. And he had an ok night.

This morning, he was very cranky during his pooping. Last night and this morning, his poop was a little different.

It was thicker. Same color, just thicker. Know what I mean?

Yesterday, Salina gave us some Enfamil Gentlease, so we're going to try that for a few days.

In the meantime, we are stocking our freezer with the boob juice in the hopes that we will be back on that soon with no problems.*

We're hoping we don't have "that crying kid" forever. Well, we'll love him even if he is.

*NOTE: we are very happy to be using the Playtex drop in bottles since clean up and warm up seem so much easier. Plus, the Playtex bags are so much cheaper than the other breast milk storage bags - HOWEVER - we discovered last night that the bags that ziploc would be easier. We must use 2 8-oz Playtex bags with a twist-tie for storage purposes. We'll probably keep using the Playtex, but we just didn't think about it when we bought the 4 oz bags.
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What formula was he on? We had issues with Enfamil A+ and many people find all Enfamil to be harder for the baby to digest. We switched to Good Start (without the Omegas) and it seems to have fixed that issue. She got constipated with solid poops on Enfamily but they are more liquidy on Good Start. Many people use Good Start, I found out. It has proteins that are partly broken down. But formula will change the boy's poop as breastmilk makes it completely runny, formula tends to solidify it a bit.

We have a good system with bottles. We are using the Avent botles (no baggies). We wash them and stick them in a microwave sterilizer which takes 5 minutes and they're done. We do this through out the day when we get a pile of bottles. And we then stock up in the fridge. I also need to sterilize the pumping equipment so it works out well. :)

Sorry about the sleep issues. It does sound like something is bothering him. I would guess it's the formula and not the breastmilk though, as he was doing fine on the breastmilk earlier (even if there wasn't enough). I would probably look into the formula rather than giving him only formula.

12:17 PM  

Hope you guys can get things figured out soon! Parenting is such a game of trial and error. Sometimes I wish there was a book that just told me exactly what to do to save me some time.Good luck!

3:20 PM  

Don't worry Holly. It's not bad until you start talking about YOUR poo at the dinner table. I think that happens when you're 80.

Olivia's output changed when we switched to formula. Wait until you get to solid foods. Scary stuff.

9:57 PM  

I remember the color and the texture changing when they went to formula. It's dark and not seedy, more like thinned out peanut butter.
I have to agree with Stacy. Good Start seemed to be the best with my kids too.
It's so hard....good luck !

10:07 PM  

I sure hope little Andrew gets to feeling better and all his poop gets straightened out!

11:22 PM  

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