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Friday, April 13, 2007

Mr. Crankipants

Andrew has not really been himself this week. Or maybe he is being himself and is just uncomfortable a lot.

It's funny that now he's cooing and smiling, that he can go from happy little guy to mad little guy in about 2 seconds flat.

Ben and Salina brought Emma over Wednesday night and Emma made about 3 semi-cries in the time that they were at our place. Andrew screamed most of the evening. Emma kept looking around all concerned about who was making that awful noise.

- - -

As a Rutgers alum and a women's basketball fan, I guess I have to make one quick statement.

I'm sure this will spark some feedback, but I have very little feeling on the Don Imus firing. I have never liked him and always found him offensive. I personally think he should have been gone years ago. He's said thousands of hurtful, racist, sexist things and everyone has turned the other cheek. Many people find him insightful and funny. (I've had people tell me that they listen to his show for the interviews, is that like reading Playboy for the articles?)

These young women, who should be focusing on their accomplishment, their college classes, their own worlds, are now the center of such a controversy that they never deserved. It's so sad that in this century, these fine, incredibly talented young women are enduring this debacle when they should be enjoying the highlight of their careers! Their grace through all of this has been tremendous.

I can go on and on about this. I'm tired of hearing about Don Imus. I'm tired of hearing people defend him saying it's just one comment. I do agree that we've accepted his behavior for years, why is this the firestorm that's finally brought him down?

I do not understand offensive humor. I have no desire to see Borat, I can't stand Don Imus and I can't even tolerate Howard Stern for a second.

What is it about offensive humor that makes it so popular? How can rich men in business suits who consider themselves liberal listen to Howard Stern every day on their Sirius radios?

Maybe I'm just missing something.
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9:33 AM  


I don't have the time to listen to any of these "shock jock" dj's, at all, but occasionally listened to Howard Stern when I lived in KROC territory. While he can be offensive as hell, he also has been VERY vocal of his support of liberal issues (ie: gay marriage, the war, etc.) and generally, his "insulting" is focused at specific individuals for doing stupid things - not a random attack on basketball players.

Imus's show expresses hate towards entire groups of people and pretty much always has - I think there is a real difference there.

Personally? I don't think its funny when entertainment is made from anyones feelings getting hurt, especially in a public sphere, but, I guess, there are a boatload of people who do.

10:08 AM  

p.s. NYTimes had an article echoing many of your sentiments.


10:53 AM  

don imus can kiss my butt. he's an old guy with nothing better to do than shoot his mouth off and personally i'm sick of hearing about him and anna nicole. :)
by the way, my husband's name is andrew michael too.
and our baby drew is definitely a fussy poo. he's been having a terrible time spitting up everything he eats it seems all day long. i'm frustrated because being a breast fed baby i'm the one getting all soaked and no one else seems to think it's a problem (including the pediatrician) since he's gaining weight and is a horse.

11:05 AM  

J - you are probably right about Howard Stern. I honestly don't listen to him so I don't know where his comments are directed.

Sara - thank you for the NYtimes article by Mr. Fierstein. He is much more eloquent than I but that's what I was trying to say.

5:39 PM  

Sorry he's been cranky. Is it possible that his shots are still bothering him? Didn't he just get them done?

Someone recommended (homestead mom, I believe) the book "Wonder Weeks" on our blog. It tells you when to expect some fussy nights because of major developmental changes happening with the baby. It's interesting.

10:36 PM  

Sorry to hear about Andrew being cranky... I hope he gets to feeling better soon!

And yes... not a fan of Imus or Howard Stern!

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